Meet The Woman Who Turned An Unusual Hobby Into Her Career

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a hobby you loved accidentally became your work and career? That’s exactly what happened to Magda Sayeg. She wanted to decorate her door handle with something colorful and warm, so she wrapped it with something she knitted. Then she spread her knitted and crocheted creations to urban spots like stop signs and bollards. Before she knew it, she was decorating statues in Paris and a bus in Mexico. Now, she’s a full-time working artist and also considered the mother of the yarn bombing movement.

Unusual Beginnings

Magda’s TED talk documents her journey from math major to artist and reminds us that great ideas that turn into great businesses and careers don’t always start off with any proper plan. It can happen completely accidentally.

“When I started this over 10 years ago, I didn’t have a word for it, I didn’t have any ambitious notions about it, I had no visions of grandeur. All I wanted to see was something warm and fuzzy and human-like on the cold, steel, gray facade that I looked at every day.”

The more she did it, the more fun she had and the more her projects expanded. Eventually, as Magda’s projects grew in size and fame, ‘yarn bombing’ became a movement. Her passion became a trend that other people related to and enjoyed. She started a movement, which is an incredible achievement to boast of. And she wants people to recognize the potential of an unusual hobby.

“It was through this granny hobby – this unassuming hobby – that I found commonality with people that I never thought I’d have a connection with. So as I tell my story today, I’d also like to convey to you that hidden power can be found in the most unassuming places, and we all possess skills that are just waiting to be discovered.”

What Could You Accomplish?

Most of the time, our hands are glued to a mobile phone or computer. Magda asks us to imagine what we could accomplish and create if we dragged ourselves away from our devices. What hobbies could end up being your next passion and business? Maybe it’s writing (which you can do on your computer anyway!), or baking cakes, or sewing and making clothes.

A hobby you love could grow organically into a new future for you and your career. And it’s encouraging to know that Magda was not an expert knitter when she started out. She had an idea, and she enjoyed it, and it grew exponentially from there.

“A lot of people think I’m a master knitter, but actually couldn’t knit a sweater to save my life. But I did something interesting with knitting that had never been done before. […] So as we ponder the future, know that your future might not be so seamless. And one day, you might be as bored as I am and knit a door handle to change your life forever.”

What are your hobbies? Could you start something new and enjoyable that will turn into a viable business plan? 


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  1. This is so amazing! The world needs a bit more color and brightness :)

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