15 Memes Only Busy Career Girls Can Relate To



We know you’re busy AF right now. Because we are too. On a Friday night, sometimes it’s good to unwind and laugh at your own expense. So we thought we’d give you some memes for busy girls that only we would relate to.

We’re the girls dedicated to our careers, which means we give it our all, whilst trying to have a social life, eat well, workout, getting some me-time in and making sure to get enough sleep.

But once you find that balance it’s great and totally achievable!


1. When you plan on getting ahead:



2. Trying to get your sh*t together on a Sunday:



3. Trying to balance it all:



4. When you finally sit down at the end of the day:



5. When Friday night rolls around:




6. When you’ve had one of those days:



7. When you have a gazillion things to do and have a three-hour meeting:



8. Trying to overhear the convos in the office:

9. When it’s summer but your career means more to you:



10. When your hair wouldn’t go right, your commute was a mess and you show up late:



11. When you promise yourself you’re going to show up flawless the next day:



12. Trying to stick to your new year resolutions like:


13. When you’re stressing out:



14. When it’s 4 pm on a Friday and you still have five hundred million things to do:



15. When you make it through another yet successful week


Which ones are your favorite?



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