Michelle Obama Has Advice For Everyone Going Back To School

photo: @ michelleobama

Imagine walking into your University campus to sit an introduction talk. You’re a freshman, you don’t know what to expect. Everything is fresh, shiny, new and exciting. The packed room is giving you a little bit of anxiety, but the good kind, the anticipated kind. Who here will be your friends? Which people will be your group?

Instead of some very typical introduction talk, you see Michelle Obama, Seth Myers and Nick Cannon sitting before you. That’s what happened at Howard University last week. Where the trio surprised an auditorium full of freshmen to an overwhelming response.

But they weren’t just there to get them pumped for the term, Michelle wanted to give these freshmen some advice for the new term, and for the future in general as part of her #ReachHigher campaign. Take notes…

She told the students how people assumed her college choices were too much for her, and that she was aiming too high. But once she got there she looked back at them and proved them wrong. So she encourages every student who has doubts to do the work, “It’s the doing of the work that gets you through, it’s not what other people think of you.”

She also made sure to tell the students that failure is not the end, “Failure is a part of success. No one got here in a straight line without failure. Everyone has had it, including the President, up and down. The thing you can’t do is hide from your failures. Seek help when you’re struggling.”

When asked what she learned about herself in her first year of college, she said “It taught me I can do anything,” and admitted all her personal assistants are 20-somethings that she has hired after they impressed her as interns


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  1. She is just so down to earth and really authentic! Love the advice she gives it is so inspiring and motivating to hear that right now! xx Ana // http://www.disasterdiary.de

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