How Mindfulness Could Be The Key To Your Success In 2016!

It’s never enough, we all want more. More money, healthier bodies, awesome friends, a stellar career and inner peace. Not tomorrow, but now. Sounds familiar? It’s all on my 2016 wish list, and I believe mindfulness is the key to success! 

Don’t focus on possessions

Mindfulness is actually a non-religious form of Buddhism. Have you ever seen a Buddhist in Dior shoes and a Givenchy dress? Nope, because they know that life is more about experiences of joy than possessions. Ergo; focus on the process, rather than ticking off all those boxes to live a ‘perfect’ life! Do it for yourself, not for the rest of the world. You’ve heard it before (not only on Etsy!); it’s not about the destination, but the road towards it!

Living in the present allows you to stop putting things off!

The base to being mindful is to fully live in the present. And that’s exactly where the only road to success is; in the present. You can’t work on your career, your body, your finances or relationships tomorrow. Tomorrow isn’t a day, it’s a fantasy place where we store nasty chores. Once you decide to work on your priorities today, and fully live in the moment, you’ll experience the necessary happiness to work harder and the valuable setbacks to learn lessons. 

Embrace every experience as a learning moment, good or bad. That’s the only way to keep sane in life. Please, find out what’s important to you. What you love to do. What you want in life. Even what clothes you want to wear. And if that means becoming a Buddhist in Dior shoes and a Givenchy dress, you have my blessing! ;)