Why Mindy Kaling Is An Inspiration To All Career Girls


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Mindy Kaling is awesome. I’ve had a secret (not so secret!) crush on her for years and all that I can say is that, as aspiring career girls, we should all take a leaf out of her book (or rather, take the entire book, which you can do here).

I could probably blather on about how Mindy is my soul twin and idol all day. Unfortunately for you (my Mindy speeches are always spectacularly orchestrated), we don’t have all day, so here are just a couple of reasons why she is just the best (of everything, ever).

She isn’t afraid to be herself
Mindy owns her sass. In her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, she talks about growing up, making friends, and how it’s okay to be a film-loving introvert who watches everyone all day. And now that she’s blossomed into a beautiful, hilarious butterfly, she is still every bit as authentic.

A key takeaway from this is that in your career, being yourself and staying true to who you are can take you far. Although it’s hard to let go and be forthcoming about your personality in a professional environment, remember that the most important thing you’re bringing to the table is YOU!

She embraces her multiple talents
Mindy is an actress, writer, scriptwriter, producer, and comedian. She’s like that Indian goddess Parvati, who has like 20,000 arms and is an absolute babe (in fact, she once made a child out of clay. Triumph).

Mindy is Parvati’s human equivalent. She somehow balances all of her writer/producer/dragon slayer commitments, finds the time to dress like a diva (if you haven’t already followed her IG, the time has come), and is constantly coming up with clever and witty comments that would make a grown woman tearfully wish she was her BFF.

What I really respect about Mindy is that rather than trying to distill herself into one pot and ‘specialize’, Mindy has embraced the breadth of her talents and is instead reaching new heights of what is humanly possible. She is the renaissance woman, only cooler, and much funnier.

She owns her heritage.
Mindy is always referring back to herself as a hot, hilarious Indian woman, and I think this is awesome. As someone who was once told off for daring to call myself ‘great’ in public (I know, how weird), Mindy’s downright ownership of her own amazingness gives me hope.

I also didn’t realize until Mindy became famous how few Indian women are out there sassing up Hollywood, and when I did, it struck me how grateful I am that she’s on TV screens, providing us with a great role model to aspire to.

Mindy shows us that we should not limit ourselves based on what we see out in the world. I had no idea I was limiting my ambition until Mindy hit the TV screens and I realized that, as someone who had never seen an Indian woman own western Television,  I just hadn’t thought it would be possible, or realised that there was something missing. Now that Mindy is a world prodigy, I think we can all agree that it’s time to think harder about those ambitions you were subconsciously recoiling from.


She brings (more than) a little humour
Let’s face it, Mindy is hilarious. She’s actually built her career on her own hilariousness, in a world where female comedians are still, somehow, being told that they’re not as funny as male comedians and that is the actual joke. Women are fab AND funny!

Mindy’s refusal to be limited by industry-wide stereotypes in launching her incredible career should serve as a lesson to us all: it teaches us to not be held back by fear, yours or anyone else’s. Mindy Kaling is a perfect example of how, even if you have to put yourself out there to get to where you want to be, if you care enough about it and work hard, you can and will achieve spectacular new heights within your career.


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  • Yvonne Ashon

    Love her!

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Oh yes totally! Indian icons like her, Priyanka Chopra and Lily Singh are taking over the world! Proud to be an Indian girl! :)


  • LisaLDN

    YASSS, this is all so true! I absolutely love Mindy, and completely agree that she is an inspiration! :)

    — LisaLDN.com

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