10 Things Miranda Taught Us About Being A Tough Woman


It’s no shocker that we love Sex in The City… Miranda Hobbes memes

We love each of the women for giving us life lessons we can relate to and learn from.

And this week, we’re looking at Miranda and thanking her for making us feel good about being a woman.

She’s the no bullshit, straight-forward woman, who just get us!

Here are our favorite words of wisdom from Miranda, and the reasons why we love her the most:


1. Not conforming to gender stereotypes:


2. Not letting a man bring her down:


3. Understanding the male language:


4. Never apologize for being successful:


5. Not letting society define her:


6. Being exactly who she wants to be:


7. Being a good judge of character:


8. How to understand men:


9. Know your worth:


10. She knows you can’t live with them, or without:


Q. Who is your favorite Sex in The City character are you? Which one do you relate most to? 



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  1. My favorite character is Carrie! Please do one for Carrie and Charlotte, also! Loved the ones for Miranda and Samantha :)

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