5 Beauty Secrets Miranda Kerr Swears By

Photo: Courtesy of Mother Denim and Greg Kadel


Whilst most of us get ready each morning in a caffeine-fueled blur of movement, stress, and eyeliner, some women have got their skincare and beauty regimes down to a fine art. Managing to look gorgeous a lot of the time without seeming to try all that hard. Miranda Kerr is one of those women, with her flawless model complexion, who doesn’t want to know her secrets.

Here are 5 secrets she swears by for perfect skin!


1. Early to bed & early to rise

Miranda likes to get to bed at a reasonable hour but of course, it doesn’t always happen. She incorporates little rituals into her evening routine, including nighttime meditation, lighting scented candles and misting her face and pillow with lavender mist – lavender being a scent that actively helps you fall asleep.

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2. Don’t stop at your neck

Before showering, Miranda always runs a dry body brush over her skin in circular motions moving towards her heart. It aids circulation and lymphatic drainage as well as being an excellent way to exfoliate! It also helps to prevent and reduce cellulite #winning. Pair this with a cream cleanser, for maximum effects which will melt away impurities without drying out your parched skin. It also works to restore the skin’s surface, leaving it smooth and balanced.

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3. Cleanse + tone every day

Miranda’s skincare routine is, in her words, ‘basic but really effective’. She uses all of her own products, but spends a lot of time on her cleansing routine. She can’t live without toner spray, making it a pretty big part of her skin care routine. Spend some time in the morning on your cleansing routine and you’ll see a huge difference.

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4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

We all know how important it is to moisturize, we’ve heard it enough times, but it’s all about finding the right one. So, the trick to perfect skin is to moisturize, Miranda uses her own Kora Organics moisturizer but also swears by using coconut oil for skin and hair. In fact, she sleeps with it on!

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5. Mask-it-up

Once a week Miranda treats her skin with a mini at-home facial, cleansing twice and then using a purifying mask to help lift any impurities from her skin. It works because it detoxes your skin and removes impurities that your regular cleansing might have missed. It can be too harsh to do this more than once a week, so run yourself a bath and start your spa day!

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