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If you caught my post yesterday about blogging, you know that I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends. As well as picking her brains about all things blogging and YouTube related, I also wanted to get her beauty secrets – because damn that woman has good skin!

Maybe it’s something to do with her genes, maybe it’s her skincare routine or maybe it’s her diet and exercise regime but sitting opposite her I knew I needed to know her secrets . . . stat.

What are your beauty must haves?
A lot of problems stem from not cleansing properly. I like a good beauty oil – especially since having a baby, I like things that feel more of a treat. I know it’s only thirty seconds or a minute to yourself, but it just feels like you’re doing something slightly decadent and nice. My skin was quite dry when I was pregnant so the oils are great for that. I do like an acid exfoliant but I’ve stepped back from them because my skin hormonally was very sensitive, but I love a bit of glycolic acid or you know, AHA is always a winner for getting the brightness back into your skin.


Which part of your beauty routine is non-negotiable?
I’m a real stickler for cleansing properly, especially in the summer if you’re wearing SPF. I did a little experiment actually to see the different cleansers and different cleansing types and whether they got SPF off, some people I know use wipes to cleanse their SPF off, and you need to cleanse twice with something oily or a balm to get it off because it just sticks on. Cleanse, serum and moisturize is pretty much my normal routine and that works pretty well for me.

Do you have any backstage beauty secrets from your time as a model?
Comb your eyebrows upwards to wake up the eyes, a lot of the time you see makeup artists combing them around and bit and you think ‘what are you up to?’ but actually it’s quite good for lifting them up and giving yourself a bit of a lift.

An important thing that lots of people don’t realize is, they have all the makeup but they don’t have the right tools. So eye pencils need to be really sharp if you always have your eye pencil sharpened it’s a completely different experience because you can really get down in to the lash line and you’ve got that precision.

This is one of my favorite eye brushes, the Real Techniques Smudge Brush which is part of the Expert Eye Set, have you seen this? Normally I do a really quick smokey eye, I get the kohl and I just scribble it on inside the waterline and just outside, and then I go straight over with the smudge brush and it’s just the perfect shape for getting right to the lash line. People try and put their makeup on with those sponges that come with the eyeshadow and you’re like “Nooo!”. But people are getting better thanks to YouTube and Facebook. I think it’s really important when you see a makeup artist you see how many tools they have and they’re not using them for the fun of it – they actually work, you know.

So you’re the face and the co-founder of CoLab dry shampoo, tell us a bit about the background of dry shampoo . . .

When I first started modelling about fifteen years ago, nobody knew what dry shampoo was at all. It was a backstage styling secret, you didn’t find it in shops. Backstage, hair stylists used it as a styling product, because this whole thing of extending the life of your hair without washing it is kind of a new thing, they always used it to create texture, make hair more matte, lift it at the roots without using a hair dryer. It became quite mainstream but the whole focus was that it extended the life of the hair without having to wash it.

What motivated you to get involved with the brand?

The reason that I first got involved with the brand was because a – they found a sheer and invisible formula so you don’t get any white residue and for me that’s just revolutionary, but b – they saw it as a styling product, and I’ve always seen it as a styling product – because I’ll  use it on freshly washed hair just to give it a dry texture. So it’s a styling product that doesn’t require any skill. It’s got six different scents, six different cities.

The starch-based ingredient is thicker so it has extra absorbing powers for people working out or people in the summer, but it’s still low-residue. It’s got moringa too so it has a conditioning and protective element too, including protection against UV and pollutants. Even if you aren’t into fitness, and you’re standing outside the pub and everyone’s smoking it’s good for that too. Everything you do it takes it’s toll on your hair, so whatever your lifestyle is you need to refresh. People keep asking me what perfume I’m wearing and it’s just the dry shampoo!

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