7 Modern Etiquette Rules Every 20 Something Should Know


There is nothing a successful Career Girl needs more than a good etiquette to top it all off. In today’s age, it can be easy to forget etiquette rules, but when you’re invited to an event or a dinner it’s good to know what to do with all those forks and spoons around your table. To reach the top of your game, read our modern etiquette guide to ensure that you can rule the world in every situation possible!

1. Know how to use your cutlery

Table manners have been lost over years, with sitting in front of the sofa to watch your favorite reality TV show becoming more favorable. However, whilst this might be acceptable occasionally, it is important to know right from wrong, especially at restaurants and dinner parties. So, first things first, know how to hold your knife and fork! Your fork should be held in your left hand, and your knife in the right. And when you have multiple knives and forks, just eat from the outside in, taking the outside cutlery first.

2. Hold your wine glass right

Holding your wine glass by the stem is one that not many people are aware of. Not only does it make you look very well mannered, but it also saves your wine from warming up! When drinking refrigerated wines and champagnes, you want to keep them cold and the heat of your hands on the glass will prevent this. So remember to hold your glass by the stem at events, and you’ll look instantly polished.

3. Don’t use your phone at the dinner table

In the digital age that we live in today, it is almost impossible that someone can go one evening without checking their phones. Don’t place your phone at the dinner table, no matter how tempting it is. No matter whether you’re on a date or chatting with a friend. By placing your phone face up you are saying that your phone is more important than the conversation and can easily be distracted by it.

4. Hang up the phone when you’re in a store

Popping to the grocery store for dinner on your way home from work can seem like the perfect time to catch up on phone calls. And while you’re paying at the check-out, your cashier greets you but you can’t reply as you’re on the phone. Give them the respect they deserve and talk with them- save your phone call until after you’ve finished your shop.

5. Don’t let your mood affect your manners

So, you’re not going to be in a great mood one hundred percent of the time, we understand that. Due to all of our hard work, we Career Girls face stress and exhaustion. But this is no excuse to forget your manners. Never let your bad mood affect how you speak to people- always remember to be polite and in turn, they will be nice to you, and maybe even cheer you up!

6. RSVP to events

Whilst the only written invitations we get now may be for weddings, the same rule applies for written, texted or social media event invitations. Although you may get busy, never forget to RSVP to the events. Whether it’s clicking ‘attend’ on Facebook or texting the person if you can’t make it, make sure to always respond. It’s polite and shows your respect for them.

7. Know who is paying for what

If you say “let’s go out” that usually means the bill will be split, whereas if you invite someone somewhere it means that you’ll be responsible for the bill. It’s all in the language, “I’d like to invite you for dinner” versus “Let’s go and get dinner.” Likewise, if you invite people over to your house, you should ensure there is enough food and drink! Of course, there are a lot more rules but these are the basics of modern life!



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