#MondayMotivation Why Looks Aren’t Everything

When you live in a looks-obsessed society sometimes it is important to rediscover what actually matters and what doesn’t. We tend to think that models’ lives are all we should aspire and aim for but we should also remember that most of the time all that glitters is not gold.

Cameron Russell is a professional underwear model, brave enough to jump on a Ted stage and reveal the hidden truth behind the modelling world and break the stereotypes. Despite being honest admitting she won a genetic lottery, she also shows how sometimes even the perfect life can be frustrating and she does so with a great dose of irony and sarcasm.

Her talk is not cliché but inspiring instead and looks to be delivered from the bottom of her heart. This video is not the most recent one but when I feel low about myself after having watched dozens of models’ perfect pics on Instagram, I find this talk great food for my brain and I realize that I might not have the longest legs and the best cheekbones in the world but I still have all the chances to be who I truly am and be judged for who I am and not for how I look.


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