What’s On My Desk? Monikh Dale, Stylist

The luxury of working from home is that I can work anywhere. So, my ‘desk’ changes a lot, from the sofa, bed, kitchen, to the cafe around the corner.

Creating a great environment to work in is everything. My house is my zen place. I’m safe and at my happiest when here. I keep it light, with weekly fresh flowers, and have photos of loved ones everywhere. Also, interiors generally make me happy, it’s something I’m wanting to get more into.

Wherever I’m working, I make sure I have my essentials with me. I make sure to have water with me, and all my practical things like a long enough cable to charge everything. When I first sit down at my desk, the tasks I start with depend on my mood. I either open the laptop and check my emails or start scanning all the main sites for their ‘new in’.

It’s important that I stay up to date with everything for my website and all the other work I do on top of that. When I’m using my phone to work, I use UNUM! The fact that I can upload potential Instagram posts to see what the feed will look like before is a total game changer.

I have constant reminders in my iCal and general to-do lists in my diary. I also have to plan my shoots which requires organizing where with who and for which brand, so I try to do as much preparation as possible.

Usually, I wake up super early and start with emails, there’s never enough time for emails! Then I head off to Kobox for a stress reliever, and then normally have a meeting or two followed by a quick shoot. Once I’m home I tidy the flat, make dinner, check in with emails, and head to bed.

Everything I do each day is a step towards my end goal and is helping my career. If I’m up to date with emails and campaigns, I’ll take more pictures and write posts about what’s going on in my mind and the industry. I think it’s important to keep my work organic. Success to me means being happy and content with my situation.

My dream desk would have a perfectly tidy diary, a calendar, plenty of fashion books for inspiration and a beautiful candle burning. Not forgetting some flowers to keep it light and fresh.


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What do you have on your desk?



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