The Best Thing To Do First Thing In The Morning


There’s quite a bit of debate about what’s the best thing to do first in the morning.

Should you wake up and workout, wake up and answer emails, drink a glass of water? With so many articles telling us to do numerous things, it’s easy to get lost and decide to not even wake up at all!



And when we get asked the question, we usually advise doing exactly what’s best for you. Because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that everyone’s different. Our Creative Director, for example, likes to workout at the crack of the dawn. Whilst, the editor much prefers to wait till she gets home.

But if you want some backed-up science fact that will tell you what you should be doing then we can also help with that!


Start The Day Right:

You can fill your mornings trying to be as productive as possible, but first, you need to set yourself up to make that happen.

You have to make sure your body is fully awake and in tune ready to start the day. And whether you’re into meditation or not, it’s essential that a lot of successful career girls use to start their day.

You’ve obviously heard of meditation by now and know the amazing effects it does have, but do you know how it makes you feel even better in the morning? Probably not.

Your mind, calmness, and wellbeing are the driving forces behind your success. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to function at your desk let alone even sit at one.


3 Top Benefits:

Meditation may relax you but it will actually energize you and can even replace your morning cup of coffee! Yes, I said it! After twenty minutes of meditation, you’ll gain all those endorphins that will give you a natural kick!

After meditating have you ever felt very at ease and somewhere else? It’s called being in a flow state, which means you react to change better. So, this will stop all the little nuisances life throws at you from getting to you – like your commute for example!

Just like Ying and Yang, meditation counteracts stress. Instead, it promotes happiness, a better night’s sleep and enables you to think more outside the box, which to us sounds like a really good day!


Keeping you on track:


The way to motivate yourself to make this happen and to stick to it daily is by using tools and apps that will really help make it part of your daily routine.

We find that Calm is a really good app to use to check in with your wellness a few times throughout the day. And it’s also an amazing way to start the day stress-free and relaxed. So, if you have a meeting you feel anxious about at 9 AM then download Calm, it will solve all your worries!


Headspace is also a great app. We bet that you’ve given meditation a go already in your life, but were you doing it properly? Are you sure? Because this app will show you and guide you how to do it so you can unlock all the major benefits you might not have been getting before. Download it here.

The ultimate podcast:

We also really love to listen to meditation podcasts, whenever we’ve had a rough day, there’s nothing we love more than listening to a nice soothing voice on our commutes home. It’s the perfect solution for calming you down and guiding you back to happiness! Check out Tara Brach’s who is the expert on all things meditation!



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  1. I love meditating for at least five minutes in the morning. It helps me calm down and gather my thoughts for the day ahead =o)

  2. Good article. I love reading about ways to start the day better or making the morning time a productive one!
    Meditation is great along with some physical activity before the day starts

  3. I love meditating in the morning! Have noticed such a difference in my productivity since I started!

  4. Still need to get into meditation. Seems like I always mean to and yet never get around to doing it :(

    Neha |

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