These Morning Teas Will Help You Get Through Winter

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Winter is almost upon us, which means office flu is being passed around and the cold seems to be settling in your bones. That’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself and give your body the healthy boost it needs.

There’s nothing better than a cup of tea in the morning (says the British girl!) but you can actually boost your immune system and your health and wellness with your morning drink of choice.


Green Tea

Green Tea is high in antioxidants. It’s the original healthy tea, it promotes healthy cell growth and helps you get your superpowers back while lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. You can buy traditional green tea bags at the supermarket, or buy some loose leaf green leaves to brew. All you need to do is boil the tea for 2-3 minutes to get the immune boosting properties.


Matcha Green

A variation of green tea, matcha is a stone-ground powdered green tea used in traditional Japanese tea, the 8th Century Zen Priest Eisai introduced this tea to Japan and called it “the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s life more full and complete”. It actually contains more of an antioxidant linked to fighting viruses and heart disease than other kinds of green tea.


Coconut Tea

Coconut oil contains a lot of fatty acids, half of which is Lauric acid, which contains antimicrobial properties. Lauric Acid is also used for treating viral infections including influenza. The best way to include coconut oil in your tea is to brew a green tea and add a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil.


Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is made from the leaves of an Argentina holly bush. Studies show that it may help prevent infections from bacteria, parasites, and fungi. You can easily brew a cup of this tasty tea in the morning or evening to give yourself a boost.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is usually used for digestive problems. It’s also great for headaches. You can easily make it by adding 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon balm to a mug of boiling water or 1 teaspoon of dried lemon balm to a mug and add boiling water.


Echinacea flower is a native North American coneflower that was discovered and used as a traditional herbal remedy before the introduction of antibiotics. People drink this tea as an immune boosting drink these days. The flower is even used as a cure for snake bites in some locations! Wonder tea!


Thyme has antiseptic and disinfectant properties, it treats women with menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms, too, as well as also cleaning scrapes and cuts. Nice! Boil a pot of water and add thyme leaves to the pot. Let it sit for an additional two minutes before drinking.


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  • dreamofadventures

    I love matcha tea! Instead of a cup of coffee in the afternoon sometimes I go for a hot cup of matcha tea =o)

  • Laura Mareno

    I always have a cup of green tea in the morning! It gives me so much energy! great post;D

  • Alexandra || Ms. Tiger Lilly

    I drink Green Tea on the daily! It’s good to know that it’s also extremely good for me too! I definitely want to try out coconut tea though! That sounds delish.

  • Natalie Harney

    Camomile is always my autumn go to (I’v currently got a mix of camomile and lemon balm on the go). Fresh ginger and honey is amazing too, especially for warding off a cold

    – Natalie

  • NuttyHiker

    I love Peppermint Tea during the winter mornings. Currently though I am on a Blueberry Green Tea kick!

    =) Bridget

  • Nicki George

    These all look amazing. I absolutely love matcha green, and that coconut chai looks killer! Thanks for sharing. Its amazing how many natural remedies there are out there, and how much we can help our bodies if we take the minute to do so!

    Nicole ||

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