These Are The Most Instagrammed Places Of 2016




As the year comes to an end it is only natural that we all start to reflect on the past 12 months’ achievements, lessons, and successes. But what about the places we’ve been and the sights we’ve seen?

Enter Instagram’s top locations of 2016 the “where’s where” list of the social media world. Take a peek at the places that have been lighting up feeds this year and start your wanderlust list for 2017. Where are you opening your Instagram app next?


9. Brooklyn Bridge, NY

A photo posted by New York (@newyorker) on

Filled with as much character as the suburb itself, the Brooklyn Bridge is still an iconic image of American innovation today. It’s impossible not to take a beautiful picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, which is why it’s one of the most Instagrammed locations this year.

8. Santa Monica Pier, CA

A photo posted by Lauren Johnston (@eljay32) on

The Californian dream is distilled in Santa Monica’s Pier and legendary sunsets.

7. Las Vegas Strip, NV

A photo posted by Tommy Piacenza (@tommypee85) on

Whether you love it or hate it, Las Vegas is instantly recognizable on any snap and not tagging in is a gamble not worth taking for any aspiring Instagram blogger.

6. Louvre Museum, Paris

A photo posted by Bianca Somer Turkmen (@biancasomer) on

A work of art in itself, Paris’s Louvre Museum buildings are a testament to Parisian fashion and elegance.

5. The Eiffel Tower, Paris

A photo posted by City Best Views🔝Городские виды (@citybestviews) on

Associated with the eternal romance of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is the single most Instagrammed spot outside of the USA in 2016.

4. Times Square, NY

A photo posted by @newyork_instagram 🗽 (@newyork_instagram) on

Because when you’re in New York, you’re in New York and most likely in Times Square.

3. Central Park, NY

A photo posted by From Way Up Above (@fromwayupabove) on

Whether it’s blossoming in spring or burning auburn in autumn, Central Park is a striking slice of nature in the grid of city that surrounds it. Just gorgeous.

2. Universal Studios, USA

A photo posted by Lauren and Aimee (@ratherbeinorlando) on

Whether you’re snapping superheroes or filtering film sets, the Universal Parks across America have been filling up your feed this year. Second only to…
1. Disneyland, USA

A photo posted by @disneyweddings on

Instagram users from all over the world get snap happy at Disney parks across the States. Can you blame them?

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