How To Motivate Yourself To Workout After Work



I must admit if there’s one thing I struggle with it’s not only planning time to workout after work but actually finding the motivation to do it. Some days can be so busy at work that the only thing you can be bothered to do when you finish is to run home, climb under the duvet and watch Netflix till you fall asleep. But seeing as the new year has inspired us to live out our goals and be better versions of ourselves there’s only one thing for it; to go for it.



Schedule your workouts ahead of time

I’d love to workout after work every evening of the week, but when you want to have a work life, a social life and most of all downtime it’s probably best not to try everything all at once. Start off small, try with three workouts a week and plan for when you have time for them. Three workouts are better than nothing and this way you’ll be managing your time better and finding the energy to actually go workout! I always find motivation from scrolling super fit women on Instagram.


Bring your workout clothes to work

As simple as it sounds packing and preparing your workout bag to take to work will actually make you more likely to go to the gym. Believe it or not, the process of planning sets the task in stone and will stop you from making last-minute excuses as to why you can’t/don’t want to go.



Make sure to pass the gym on your way home

I, for one, know all too well that sometimes things don’t always go to plan. As motivated and ready as I am in the morning to go workout it doesn’t mean that I will feel the same in the evening. And that’s something you have to prepare for. So, the best tip I can give you is to go to a gym that you have to pass on your way home. That way it’s unavoidable and not something you can easily excuse yourself from.



Never lose sight of your goal

You have the image, you know what you want to accomplish. Now keep it locked in your mind. Display it in places you come into contact with often and daily. Put in your planners, stick it to the fridge. Do whatever you need to do to stay motivated. What will make this even better is to keep track of your workouts with an app, before or after photos and the progress you make every day. And this will naturally motivate you to continue.



Allow yourself to break the habit

It takes so many days to break a habit. So if you’re not naturally sporty and inclined to workout then be patient with yourself and allow yourself time to break the habit. The more time you give yourself by not giving up will really work in your favor. Remember you set the goals, you set the workout, so make it easier on yourself! You don’t have to start off so intensely, otherwise, you’ll never break the habit and you’ll keep dodging the gym.



Don’t put yourself down

What sometimes can usually happen is when you miss a day you never get back into it because you see it as a failure. You think what’s the point? And ok, so missing one day isn’t that great – but it’s ok and it happens. But don’t let that demotivate you. That doesn’t excuse you for not picking it back up tomorrow. Working out and getting the perfect body takes time and patience, so allow yourself that. It’s ok to miss a day as long as you don’t give up altogether!


Do you find it difficult to stay motivated? What keeps you on track?


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  1. I always have to have some sort of snack or drink after work to prevent me from skipping my workout to head straight to dinner. It helps with breaking that old habit without forcing it. The other tip I’d add would be to focus at first on your very favorite kinds of workouts. I really love arm day & yoga classes, so if I’m trying to create a new habit I’ll lean heavily on those and try to expand after a few weeks. I love the practical advice like this!

    Lindsey | This Miss Cooks

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