Motivational Magazines Every Career Girl Should Be Reading

Career Girl’s can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere, from the morning’s news to an overheard conversation in your local coffee shop, so it’s hardly shocking that there are an abundance of magazines out there packed full of tips, tricks and Career Girl appropriate content. Here are a few you haven’t heard of…

Raspberry Magazine

Raspberry magazine is perfect for bloggers and business owners. This pretty digital magazine is designed to be a supportive community for women and has really interesting interviews with blog and business superstars, so you can get your fix of motivation and inspiration while flicking through a magazine on your computer! Read more on how to make your blog a success here.

Blogosphere Magazine 


Another one for bloggers! This magazine is available in both print and ebook editions and deals with all the ins-and-outs of blogging, from serious issues like Imposter syndrome to how ad blockers affect your blog. A must-read for all aspiring bloggers. There are some websites you should follow if you want to be a successful blogger, too. Check them out here!



Myslexia is for women writers and focuses on great new fiction, the trials and tribulations of being a female writer, writing tips, tricks and competitions and how to get published. If you’re passionate about writing and don’t mind the English writing style (we don’t use z as much as you Americans do!), you should pick it up! It’s seriously inspiring and available to subscribe through your phone, too!

Harvard Business Review

If you’re serious about business, you have to read the materials out there that can support you. Harvard Business Review is a pretty trusted source when it comes to start-up success, March’s issue looks at marketing in the age of social media – something that all Career Girls need help with. Check out our list of courses that will change your life!

Propel Magazine

Propel is designed for Women Who Lead, so if you’re wondering if you have what it takes to be in charge, or how to find your purpose, Propel’s got your back. Packed full with tips, q+a’s and handy features to inspire, you can climb that career ladder with a spring in your step!

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  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Aaah! These are brilliant! I hadn’t heard of any of them (well, except the Harvard Business Review of course haha)

    • Beth

      Yay, thanks, Sarah! :) x

  • Jessie

    Another great one I’ve discovered recently is ‘Belong’ and it’s a blogging/creative entrepreneur based mag and I LOVE it. BTW, Career Girl Daily – you need to add a way to exit the pop-ups. There is no exit button which mean viewers must add their email or they can’t read the content – I already follow you so I don’t want to be bugged by pop-ups that I can’t get rid of! Thanks ;)

    • Beth

      Hi Jessie! Thanks so much for the suggestion – I’ll check it out. In terms of exiting the pop-up, I think if you click (or tap) above it, it should disappear! :) X

    • Kate

      I click outside the pop up a couple of times and the box disappears, but I do agree that it’s really annoying for those of us that have already subscribed!

  • The Milk Teeth

    Yay, thanks for these suggestions. I’ve already been a follower of Raspberry Mag, and have the app on my iPad. I am excited to check out the rest. Another to add to the list is Collective Hub – which is THE most amazing and dynamic mag for entrepreneurs. They have international stockists, but you can access them online –

  • Raè

    This is great! I’m loving Rasberry! Thank you CGD!

  • Alana Wimmer

    Thank you SO much for including Raspberry in your amazing list! I’m honoured :)
    Alana x