MUST SEE: 100 Years Of Women’s Fitness In Just A Few Minutes

We love these round-up videos, they’re a great way of getting an overview of beauty, fashion and fitness trends in just a few minutes! As we’re still hard at work on our 30 day challenge, let’s have a look at 100 years of women’s fitness and celebrate the fact that we have stylish gym-wear and incredible equipment to use in this day and age! Woo!

Image via We Heart It

Beneden created this amazing video to showcase some of the most popular fitness trends of the past 100 years, and to celebrate women’s fitness in general.

Their website contains an in-depth look at the last 100 years in fitness and, as they say, “Men and women have been keeping themselves in shape for more than a century and, in many cases, with strange equipment bearing little resemblance to what we use today.”

Although we’re living in an era where every week heralds a new fitness trend or super food to try, back in the early 20th century they didn’t even know what a calorie was! What a simpler time!

Read more on the Beneden website and check out the video below for a slice of history on the evolution of women’s fitness:

  1. I love this! Such a cool way to see how women’s fitness specifically has changed so drastically and still changing! Innovation and tech meet fitness an health. Cool post!

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