Must Watch : Sweat Shop – Deadly Fashion

“Our bathroom is larger than her entire house.”

“There are so many people who are born just to do one task in life and that’s it.”

“There are no words for it. It’s just so unfair.”

If we could spend one day in the factories where a lot of our clothes were made, would we still buy them? How much do we love fashion? Do we love it to the extent that we don’t want to think about, or rather forget the fact that sometimes it is produced in an unethical and inhuman way? Or is it finally time that we demand 100% fair trade fashion?

A Norwegian TV show followed three young fashion bloggers on their remarkable journey to Cambodia. What follows is and emotional trip where the dark side of our fashion consumerism is exposed.  The three bloggers are being confronted with the conditions endured by those who make our clothes. They spend one month working in this  factory and experience the unfair production process that is ‘needed’ to keep us looking in trend.

Please do not get me wrong! I love shopping and if spending money on clothes could be a full-time, well-paid job, I would be doing it 24/7. But this show made me realize that I still need to question the companies that I am buying my clothes from and that if we do not change or attitude, companies will continue to produce our clothes in an unethical way.

Watch here the full series of Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion with English subtitles and let us know your stand on this issue.


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