Weird Things That Happen in Your Late 20’s

foto2 When I was in my early twenties I couldn’t imagine staying home on a Friday evening. I just had to go somewhere. On Thursday, I was already planning my outfits for the weekend and I couldn’t wait to meet my friends for a little pre-party at their place, drink Vodka like it was water, and dance the night away till the early hours.

A party in Ibiza, London, New York or Miami. I was there. Life was just a big party!!

cgd diary

Now in my late twenties, things have changed. It actually makes me laugh a little, while I’m writing this. Recently, when my friends invite me to a party, I come up with all kinds of excuses to skip it.  I guess everyone passed 25 will somehow relate to this. Partying is just not my cup of tea anymore. A tight dress, layers of make-up and standing in a club full of teenagers. Oh, and don’t start about the hangover (it literally feels like I’m dying and lasts a couple of days) Nahh, I’d rather stay at home in my pj’s, take a relaxing bath, make myself a cup of hot tea and watch my favorite movie or read a book.

It doesn’t mean life is over after 25, but I guess we enjoy different things. Let me know you thoughts! I am sure I’m not the only one dealing with this.

Enjoy your weekend!

xx Celina

  • Maria Francisca

    I’m just the same xD

  • Jessica Proctor

    So true! Before the age of 25 I used to go to work on 4 hours of sleep and not even think about it. Now at 28, I wouldn’t purposely dare do that. Also, I secretly give the stink eye to anyone who invites me to a party on a Friday night. :)

  • Blondes & Bagels

    I am only 23 and already feel like this. I’m getting an early start. ;-)

  • Jo

    Haha I feel exactly the same and I haven’t even hit 20 yet, I guess I got all the partying out my system as soon as I turned 18 :P

  • Anita Sookan

    Oh I feel you girl… When someone invites me to a party, in my head it goes like “Mhhmm, I ate clean and worked out all week.. don’t wanna ruin that…” , “actually I wanted to get up at 8 am and have a nice breakfast…” , “can’t we go to a sushi place instead?”

  • Brittney Hippensteel

    I’m only 22 and already feel like this! I work a full time job and two side jobs. My career and little family (boyfriend and dog) come first. I’d rather spend my little free time catching up with them instead of spending all my hard earned money and free time around a bunch of drunk strangers.

    • Celina

      Hahah you’re absolutely right!

  • hannah

    I’m 21 and even now I don’t feel the need to go out, I’d much rather have a quiet night in with my close friends, nothing worse than standing in a room with a load of people who make you feel old!

  • Céline

    I am 21 and I completely feel the same. I do like a party now and then, but only with close friends and never drink so much that I have a hangover the next morning.

  • Bethany

    This happened to me in my late 20s/early 30s when I got married. It was actually good timing because now that I was coupled up, I no longer needed to use those booze infused evenings for going out with the girls and meeting guys. Now that I’m 36, divorced, and can’t party like I used to, I realize why having a spouse to stay home with in your mid 30s is a huge plus. I no longer want to go out like I did when I was single and I my 20s!

  • Jas

    Yes, I totally get this. I got over ‘parties’ when I was about 18 and now prefer much more chilled out social environments… like the sofa.
    Jas } } photographing the world through stories and biscuits

  • Aga

    So true! Same here.. :)

  • Aga

    So true! Same here… :)

  • Abigail

    I really did LOL reading this, i love it!
    Last Friday my best friend & I were thinking up excuses we could use to avoid a night on the town. We dragged ourselves out & although had a good time even at 27 felt very old & were happy to leave at 3am to go home to a cup of tea, crumpets & a gab! x

    • Celina

      Hahaha :)

  • Menellia

    …LOL… Sooooo true…

  • Abbie

    I’m starting to feel like that already and I’m only 19!

  • Dinel

    Haha I’m in my late twenties, and I feel you. I didn’t party that much when I was younger, but it was more common to want to go out on a friday night even if I worked on saturdays. Now, my job demands more time and with a side project, usually on Fridays I’d like a drink and dinner, but I’m ready to go home before midnight :) I do like to go dancing once in a while! But I guess I prefer different places.

  • http://nowebsite.comcomcom Izul

    Oh, I’ve never been a ‘one calls girl’ (but I really wanted!) cose I’ve had no friends. :( I rare staied in home and I was reading books (except party in High School but it was stupid). Now I sometimes go at the party with my boyfriend and I really enjoye it. :P
    But I still would stay in home and plaing computer games or reading books. :P

  • Samantha Irene

    I couldn’t agree more. Being 25 is an excuse in itself to take the night off because adult-ing is hard.

  • Grace

    Me too! I really enjoy a cozy night in these days! After a busy work week knowing I don’t have to “get ready and be social” really makes for a fabulous weekend!

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