Weird Things That Happen in Your Late 20’s

When I was in my early twenties I couldn’t imagine staying home on a Friday evening. I just had to go somewhere. On Thursday, I was already planning my outfits for the weekend and I couldn’t wait to meet my friends for a little pre-party at their place, I drank Vodka like it was water, and danced the night away..

A party in Ibiza, London, New York or Miami. I was there. Life was just a big party!!

Now in my late twenties, things have changed. It actually makes me laugh a little, while I’m writing this. Recently, when my friends invited me to a party, I came up with all kinds of excuses to skip it.  I guess everyone passed 25 will somehow relate to this. Partying is just not my cup of tea anymore. A tight dress, layers of make-up and standing in a club full of teenagers. Oh, and don’t start about the hangover (it literally feels like I’m dying and lasts a couple of days) Nahh, I’d rather stay at home in my pj’s, take a relaxing bath, make myself a cup of hot tea and watch my favorite movie or read a book.

It doesn’t mean life is over after 25, but I guess we enjoy different things. Let me know you thoughts! I am sure I’m not the only one dealing with this.