My Week In Food: Food Diary Of A Career Girl


What do we eat during the week? We’ve decided to keep a weekly food diary to show you what’s on the menu for busy career girls juggling their lives with their careers.

Enjoy the weekend and take a glimpse at the week in food of our Sales Director, Lois!



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I love Mondays! It is going to be a busy week, which makes it even more exciting. After work I have to run to Oxford Street with Celina to get an outfit for a dinner we have later this week, so I made myself a filling breakfast with lots of vitamins that will hopefully give me some extra energy throughout the day.

Breakfast: Smoothie with spirulina, kiwi, apples and oranges
Lunch: Vegan quiche with vegetables
Dinner: Celina and I went to Wahaca. I had this amazing chicken burrito and, of course, we had some delicious cocktails.



I got up extra early to make myself a smoothie to-go. Today is another busy day with meetings and training throughout the day and a full to-do list for in the evening. My friend made some homemade chips that were absolutely delicious and so simple to make.

Breakfast: Spirulina smoothie, with banana, spinach, apple and blueberries.
Lunch: I always treat myself a little extra on Tuesdays and this time I got myself a Persian lunchbox
Dinner: My favorite Mista salad with balsamico dressing and chicken from Vapiano.


PicMonkey CollageI

am literally running around all day! Another day full of meetings and this evening the we are invited to a #WCW dinner in central London.

Breakfast: Today I had strawberries and blackberries.
Lunch: A Vietnamese baguette with lemon chicken and a spirulina smoothie.
Dinner: Slow cooked lamb rump, crushed new potatoes, and samphire with a caper and roasted garlic dressing.


Almost the weekend! Today is still a busy day, but I have a bit more time to breathe. I got up a little later because I did not have to make breakfast.

Breakfast: Thursday is breakfast at the office day. I had a bagel with avocado and some strawberries.
Lunch: There is this amazing Turkish restaurant close to my office, so I got myself a delicious lamb wrap with feta and grilled vegetables.
Dinner: Tapas! We went to this cute little tapas restaurant called Pix Carnaby in London.




FRIYAY! My favorite day of the week. Celina and I have to review a cocktail bar later today, which is the perfect ending to this working week.

Breakfast: Smoothie with banana, strawberries, yogurt and a little bit of apple juice.
Lunch: Salmon baguette and fresh orange juice.
Dinner: Salmon, French beans, and homemade chips.

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