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I recently applied for a job in Germany and got invited for a job interview in Cologne. As I am currently living in Madrid though, it would have been really difficult for me to get there, which is why I asked about the possibility to do the interview via Skype – and they said yes!

I got really nervous because the year before I had already had a couple of interviews via Skype and especially one of them went quite awry: While I could not see the interviewer, the interviewer was unable to hear me and eventually, we quit trying and I never heard from the company again. Last week, though, I had two interviews via Skype which actually went really well, so I would like to share some tips with you on how to prepare for your Skype interview!

#1 Prepare!
I cannot tell if a job interview via Skype is more or less difficult than a regular one, but you should definitely prepare in the same way you would also prepare for a regular job interview: Get to know the company, get to know the person you will be talking to and be sure you know what you are applying for.

#2 Do a test run.
I was convinced that it would be best to use my notebook, but after trying my cell phone as well, it turned out that my cell phone’s camera actually has good video and sound quality, so that I wound up using my cell phone.

#3 Change your cringey nickname!
The interviewer might give you his Skype contact or might ask you for your account: In either way, he will be able to see the status (if you have one), your nickname and also your profile photo. Depending on what kind of job you are applying for, you might want to change your photo or even set up a professional account.

#4 Don’t mute the interviewer!
When I used my cell phone before, I accidentally turned off the sound so that the interviewer could barely hear me. Oops! Be sure you are familiar with the way your cell phone and Skype work!

#5 Have a test run.
For me this is the most important thing: Ask a family member or a friend (if possible, even multiple people) to have a test run with you. You should call the other person once, the other one should call you and you should try to figure out if e.g. your notebook or your cell phone works better.

#6 Don’t lose your nerve.
In the end, a Skype interview also has a whole lot of advantages compared to a live interview – so keep calm and don’t get nervous!

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Marie Menke


Born in a German small town and with a passion for writing novels Marie now lives in Spain's lively capitol Madrid and enjoys classical dance, tapas and sunshine.

  • Renee Alexis

    This is very helpful as I’m going to have a skype interview soon. Thanks, girl! xx

  • Camille Beygui

    Great post ! Very helpful

  • KacheeTee

    Very good tips, especially as a lot of interviews are conducted over Skype these days.

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