Namast’ay In Bed: How To Wake Up Early And Feel Incredible

Is it possible to wake up with your alarm at the crack of dawn and not feel like you want to put the pillow over your head and knock yourself out to get a few more hours asleep? We think it is if you follow a specific routine and look after yourself properly. To avoid feeling sluggish you should probably stick to our eat more lose weight routine and check out our article on a few healthy morning moments you need to have!

As soon as your alarm goes off…

Drink a glass of lukewarm water infused with lemon. This is where an infuser comes in handy, you can make your lemon water the night before and then just grab it as soon as you wake up. We love the Sagaform Fruit Infuser Bottle for making amazing hydrating morning drinks we can carry on our commute.

As you start waking up…

Don’t be tempted to put your alarm on snooze, studies show that you’re more energetic and it’s easier to wake up the first time. Try doing some ‘bed yoga’ if you’re finding it really hard to get up. Yes, bed yoga is a thing. There are a specific set of poses that can be done from the comfort of your bed and are actually great for getting you up.

Once you’re out of bed…

You may still feel sluggish, so we suggest jumping in an energizing shower. Hear us out. Run the cold (but not freezing) tap and jump in. It’s uncomfortable, we agree, but it’s actually amazing for your skin and lymphatic system. You only need to stand under it for a couple of seconds before you pump it back to a comfortably warm (not hot – too hot can dehydrate your skin and damage your hair!) temperature and then back to a blast of cold again before you get out.

Before you get dressed…

Grab a healthy, wholesome, fast and tasty breakfast. Preferably one you prepared the night before. We recommend making a smoothie bowl like the one we prepared a few weeks ago, it’s healthy and the sugars in it are all natural so it’s much better than a bowl of processed sugar cereal. You’ll already be feeling pretty positive and energetic by now, especially if you’ve set your alarm for enough time to sort yourself out.

If you have time to spare…

Instead of sitting in front of the morning entertainment shows or the news, try to do some light at home exercise. Do as many jumping jacks as you can in a minute or try our under 7 minute HIIT routine. Exercise in the morning is AMAZING, it makes you feel so much more productive. If you struggle with feeling lethargic at work in the middle of the day, you should definitely try working out in the morning!

Stick to this morning routine and within a month you will be a morning person, there’s no doubt about it!

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  1. Bed yoga? Wow, I need to look into it… Preparing the lemon water the night before sounds like a great idea as well.

    Inma x

  2. I love this! I am determined to become a morning person, although breakfast at 6am seems impossible right now!

  3. Does it have to be warm lemon water? I’m so not a fan of anything in my water, and I prefer it cold. The rest of these tips sound spot on and I will have to try them.

  4. Best thing is using an actual alarm clock that’s far from your bed and hitting the gym or going for a run first run -it leaves you feeling amazing!

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