Why You Need To Completely Detox Your Life

photo: Nina Suess


Everyone needs to de-clutter their life once in a while. So get rid of those bad vibes and fill your life with these mind-altering techniques to detox your life completely.

Clean up your house/space

Tidy space means tidy mind. It’s always good to have a little ‘spring clean’ now and then to ensure you’re not storing things you’ll never use again. While you’re at it, why not go into your makeup drawer and declutter that too? You’ll feel so much lighter and make room for even more new purchases

Organize your laptop

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find a certain file on your laptop, so why not get organized? Make specific files for your work, home and leisure time and make sure to stick to it, and you’ll feel instantly more in control.

Set ‘Day Goals’

We know that most days come with a to-do list as long as your arm, so why not give yourself a small victory by setting ‘Day Goals’ to be complete throughout the day?

These could be as simple as, ‘go to the gym’, ‘read some a chapter of a book’ or even ‘call grandma’. Getting these goals completed will give you some small satisfaction for the day and make you feel better about the days events.

Remove those toxic friends

There are always people who appear in your life and have a negative effect on it. Remove these people from your life and surround yourself with kind and like-minded individuals who will encourage you rather than bring you down.

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  1. Agree with you girl. I’ve started to de-clutter my life and taking control of issues and situations. Have put away negatif things and people and started clearing of bad vibes that’s weighing me down a lot lately. Now have to make sure my day to day goals are more organized and that I AM disciplined to do. Thanks for sharing. Sharon Elsie | diva-in-me.com

  2. I am all about the decluttering. Since we made a big move I’ve been all about keeping the unnecessary clutter out of our lives. Thanks for sharing!

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