Why You Need To Do These Fun Summer Challenges This Year

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There’s nothing quite like that alluring feeling of the summer daze. Hours of sunshine drifting by, while you laze around without a care in the world. 

It’s the most idyllic setting and the one you’ve had etched on your mind to get you through those long, mundane winter months. The perfect opportunity for you to unwind and take the break you deserve.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy, but stress makes me wish for a break with nothing but emptiness. I’m always on the go and to get through the craziness I long for a long lazy summer of doing nothing but sipping on cosmos without lifting a finger. But, in reality, switching off isn’t as easy as I wish it could be.

A few days into my ‘much-needed’ break and I am climbing the walls. I’ve already finished the book I’ve been longing to have time to read. I’ve caught up on my TV series in one mammoth binge-watch. I’ve relaxed in the sun, but after spending a long haul in arctic winter temperatures the heat gets too much.

That’s why little summer challenges are the perfect way to give me the balance of work and rest that I need. So, now is the perfect excuse to do a cool challenge. There are loads floating about, from meditation to watching movies. Here are 4 of our favorites at the moment:

#1 The summer blogging Challenge 
Have a blog that you want to take from blah to ta-da? Or want to start a blog and don’t know what to do with it? This Blogging challenge from Jeff Goins is perfect for the serious bloggers amongst us. All you have to do is sign up for his resources, tips, tricks, and advice and follow the hashtag. If you want to blog and take it seriously, Jeff is your guy. He’s got best-selling books under his belt and does the whole blog thing for a living. Plus he can help you make your writing intentional and really pack a punch!

#2 The summer body Challenge 
Challenge yourself to do a workout that will actually improve your fitness. This 21-day jump rope challenge seems easy enough, and once you’re done you can move on to a squat challenge. Working different areas out is essential for overall health and fitness.

#3 The save $1,000 Challenge 
Summer is not the best time to save. My card is taking a battering with wardrobe updates, ice creams, trips and drinks with the girls. But this 12 week (yes that’s 3 months!) challenge will leave you with $1,000 to blow on the vacation of a lifetime or save for more sensible reasons.

#4 The monthly journal challenge
Always wanted to be one of those super reflective people that have journals to look back on when they’re 90? The Life Captured Project has tonnes of monthly prompts for journal writing that will give you something to think about. Start in the month you’re in and go from there, all you need is a pen and a beautiful notebook.


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  1. These sound really fun & productive at the same time! I will definitely try to journal and work out more this summer.

  2. This sounds really fun! I’d probably try the journal and money saving challenge.

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