Why You Need Highlighter This Party Season

Have you ever looked pictures of celebs and wondered how on earth they look so youthful and glowing? Well, we have the answer for you – highlighter. And no, it’s not the pens you used in high school either.

Highlighter can do many things for your complexion. It’s essentially a sparkly product in a similar form to foundation, and you use it in various places on your face. There are two types of product, and you can choose whichever suits your skin tone better. Either shimmering silvers or glowing golds like Sunbeam from Benefit or Soft and Gentle from MAC – whichever one you think works best with your complexion.


After choosing your favourite shimmery tone, you can go crazy with what will be your new favourite product. Applying just under the side of your eye on the plump part of your cheeks – but not too close otherwise it may enhance your signs of age (eek) – may make your face glow in a way you never thought it could!

You can also use highlighter to enhance your lips by placing just a little in the Cupid’s bow, or make your eyes appear bigger by placing a little in the corner of your eye. And for a huge revelation, place a thin line down the centre of your nose to make your nose look slimmer!


And for its final trick, highlighter is used by the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s alike to enhance deep contour – it sets in your features and enhances the look of cheekbones. However you don’t need to be a contour master to use highlighter – you can use it with or without contouring.

To apply highlight it’s best to use a brush. As tempted as we are as to use our hands, a brush makes sure the product is blended as well as not losing its shine. Be sure not to place the product everywhere, though, as instead of looking like a glowing goddess you may end up looking a bit shiny.

For us, this is one of the best products you can use to enhance your complexion and look even more party-perfect than before. Give it a try and all the comments will come flooding in on how fabulous you look!