What You Need To Know Before Stalking Your Ex’s Instagram Stories

photo: Andi C Singer




Stalking your ex or crush on Instagram is probably one of the most tricky things to do. And just when I thought that Insta Stories was going to make it easier to screenshot away without anyone ever knowing, I found out that I couldn’t be more wrong (luckily before I actually did it).

Instagram Stories were launched last week and is kind of similar to Snapchat, the main difference being, it doesn’t show you who screenshotted your story, but it does show you who has viewed your story, whether they follow you or not.

With Snapchat, your ex knows you follow him. He accepted your request after all (unless you created a fake account) so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to him when you view his drunken 3AM Snapchat with his new girlfriend. But Instagram? That’s different. If your account is public everyone can see you story (and you can see who viewed it). It looks especially shift if you haven’t followed your ex on Instagram for the past year, and suddenly your name is all over his Instagram story. Oops.

So you might want to think again when you want to view the stories of your ex’s new girlfriend or simply want to see if the most popular girl from high school is still going strong.

So for all your late night Insta stalking sessions, I’d advise you to stick to the ”old school” timelines and leave the stories for what it is… or use your BFFs account to creep on your ex’s Insta Stories (#notguilty!).

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