Need A New Perfume? Here Are The Best Fragrances This Fall

Although it’s nearly time for wooly jumpers and busting out our winter coats, we can still smell gorgeous in fall despite three million layers! Here are our favourite fragrances that’ll keep you smelling gorgeous through the new season.

1. Marc Jacobs, Daisy Dream

Whilst your wishing for warmer days and sunny nights, let this fragrance transport you to the clouds. With a light fruity scent and hints of blackberry, blue wisteria and coconut water, you’ll only have to close your eyes to get away from the dreary dark days of Autumn.

2. Dolce and Gabbana, Velvet Rose

A deep musk mixed with a light rose scent, Dolce and Gabbana’s “Velvet Collection” has become even more divine with this newly added fragrance. This perfume’s subtle scent mixed with the sweetness of three different roses brings a floral feel to your fall.

3. Tom Ford, Velvet Orchid

Paired with the original Tom Ford fragrance “Black Orchid,” this newest addition to the collection is warm, deep and sensual. An intense and luxurious combination of orchid petals, honey and dark rum, this is a scent that no one will be able to resist.

4. Jimmy Choo, Illicit

Jimmy Choo’s latest fragrance, “Illicit” is the perfect Autumnal fragrance. With hints of ginger and orange, finished with notes of sandalwood, honey and amber, this scent is on our top 10 for that fall feeling.

5. Alaïa Paris Eau De Parfum

The first fragrance from Azzedine Alaïa is an unforgettable one. Inspired by his grandmother’s home in Tunisia, pink velvet, pepper and peony combine to recreate the memory of this designer in an artful and unexpected way.

6. Michael Kors, Rose Radiant Gold

“Rose Radiant Gold” entices the senses with hints of wintery spice, along with rich floral notes and subtle musks. This must-have perfume is light yet floral – perfect for the transition into the fall season.

7. Marc Jacobs, Decadence 

Another new fragrance from Marc Jacobs, this scent is completely different from any other. With a rich plum, sugary initial smell, the scent softens on the skin, turning soft and powdery, giving a sweet, creamy jasmine scent – perfect for a night of indulgence. The bottle is also everything this fragrance boasts – pure extravagance.

8. Yves Saint Lauren, Black Opium

Black Opium is like no other perfume you will try this fall. With a strong scent of coffee (yes, coffee) for a uplifting pick-me-up, along with notes of white floral and vanilla for sweetness, this eau de parfum is intriguing, sensual and seductive.

  • camille

    I love the marc Jacobs perfumes

  • Kris

    I need to try the Tom Ford perfume :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • Laura Mareno

    I want the daisy dream perfume!! I have to try it! Great post! kisses!

  • Sophie

    I have the Alaia and it’s a staple year around not only for fall. Not many people know about it (well, until now that was) and I often get compliments wearing it.

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