Why You Need A Personal Website To Get What You Want

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a blogger, a student or part of a company, you need a personal website to get what you want. Trust us. Your personal website is your online portfolio, whether you use it to share your work and hobbies, create a diary or just have a blog, here’s why you need a personal website and how to start creating one.

It helps identify you

A properly branded website that reflects who you are and what you’re passionate about, and if it doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd, it will surely help lead people who are interested in you (whether for a job or a freelance opportunity) in the right direction and help them get to know you.

It keeps you strategic and creative 

Having your own personal website that you have to report back to every now and again keeps you creative and helps you spread your wings from the 9-5, you might love your job with all your heart, but sometimes putting a bit of personality and thinking outside the box in terms of content is a great way to keep your mind sharp.

It’s a networking tool

You can connect with other writers, beauty bloggers, foodies and health fanatics so easily these days, all you have to do is search hashtags on twitter, connect with bloggers chats and give helpful advice to others! Your site doesn’t have to be 100% polished, but remember, design matters!

It will impress

If you put a little time and money into it, it will impress others, it doesn’t have to be a business tool, it could just be a website that shares who you are and what you do, but eventually it will impress people who search for you, whether it’s recruiters, people interested in the company you work for or just your nosey friends and family!

So how do you go about it?

Start with your chosen website, WordPress or Blogger are great for newbie bloggers, with the opportunity to expand, buy a domain and use more complex templates being unlocked with time. For functional but limited coding for business websites, Squarespace is great and lets you handle everything from billing to metrics on one page. Create a mood board that reflects you, design your website around it and just go for it, whether you post once a month or once a day – it’s a great way to host your own little corner of the internet.

Featured photo: Jasmine Dowling


  1. Thank you for posting this article, it’s exactly what I say to people when they ask me about my blog. I am hoping to parlay it into either a creative job or freelancing opportunity – but it has really been a source of DNA re-charging for my creativity. Love your posts!

  2. Worth noting that it’ll only impress if it’s actually GOOD… if you have no design skill or are not computer literate then maybe not!

    Claudia Harriet // Student Lifestyle Blog

  3. Agree 100%! I’m beginning my second last year of university, and I’ve just started up my blog to have a creative outlet. By the end of the year I’m hoping to morph it into a personal website/portfolio!

    That Twenty Something

  4. Absolutely, I recently launched thegraphicteller.com with that same purpose. It really is a portfolio, not only of our work but also of our ideas, our potential and personality :)

  5. Great post and information on establishing a brand/blog/social media presence to get started on your dreams! My cause is traumatic brain injury awareness, and my blog has been a great platform, check it out: tbitriumphs.com. This also helped me to get a job writing for the Longwood University Alumni website!

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