Why You Need To Pick Up The Phone Once In A While


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Picking up the phone is often regarded with just as much enthusiasm as the arrival of an unwelcome relative (little to none). What do you say? How do you say it without sounding like you’re waffling? Are you making it awkward? Are they making it awkward? We often spend more time worrying about a phone call than the duration of the actual call itself.

But here at CGD, we’re all about bringing back the old and giving it a second shot. Don’t give up on phone calls! Here’s why you SHOULD start picking up the phone every now and again (it won’t bite, we promise!)

You’ll be more efficient

Sometimes, a good phone call is far more effective than an endless string of emails. You can email to your heart’s content, but speaking to someone face to face (or, phone to phone) really can work miracles. Next time you’re in a bit of a bother? Pick up the phone and start tackling the issues directly! And for all those that want to waste less time and become more efficient, you should give this article a read!

You won’t sound like a robot

Although emailing feels safe (you have time to think, and are never put on the spot in the same way), picking up the phone to call your clients or colleagues adds a little human touch and will make them feel way more comfortable with you. If you want people to know who they’re dealing with (a real human being!), get into the habit of calling every once in a while, even if it’s to ask about their kids. If small talk and the art of networking is something you struggle with, this guide will surely come in handy!

You’ll develop your professional skill-set

In many professions, particularly if you’re working in an international environment, the ability to carry off a good phone call can be an important skill. I’ve actually had to pick up the phone and answer in French, and guess what? I got through it! My advice? Get used to calling more often. You’ll learn to enjoy it, and you’ll get better every time. If you’re after more career advice, why not check out this article to start getting ahead in your job.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Let’s face it, we’re all a teensy bit scared of picking up the phone, especially when it’s the dreaded ‘unknown number’. But a little bravery goes a long way, so Career Girls, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and pick up that phone! Take Natalie Massenet for example, if you’re wondering who’s she is – how about one of the most successful women in fashion? Read our article about this leading Career Girl to learn how being fearless is key to success.

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