Why You Need To Take More Risks This Year

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Have you heard the saying “life begins outside your comfort zone”? In other words, you know that feeling when you get flushed, your heart feels like it’s going to burst out of your chest and you have a sick feeling in your stomach? That’s the moment where the magic is supposed to happen. Couldn’t think of anything worse than going through that pain? You’re not alone.

Taking risks doesn’t always come easy and if you are anything like me you will love nothing more than analysing every detail before everything that you do. Here’s a few little tips to help you start taking risks this year.

It teaches you to keep going

Growing up I had every inch of my life mapped out. I was going to work at a magazine, whilst designing my own fashion range and opening an award-winning beauty salon. It wasn’t long before this didn’t look too likely to pan out.

But why? Because I soon came to realize that risks absolutely petrified me. Okay, so maybe I was a bit of an optimistic child, but soon nothing sat more comfortably with me than playing things safe. Or, it did for a while. But taking risks lets you adapt to change and shake things up instead of getting stuck in a rut and being comfortable, which can open you up to all kinds of opportunities.

The more you risk the better you get

For me, University was the first risk that got the ball rolling and made taking a risk something that has started to become my second nature. Leaving my quiet, settled little life for years of uncertainty taught me the good that taking a risk can do.

My life would still be the same it was 5 years ago if I hadn’t given up everything I was comfortable with. Read our article here about why being fearless could be the key to your success.

What have you got to lose?

My mum always used to say to me ‘nothing is so bad that it cannot be fixed’ and although it isn’t always easy to believe, it’s true. Why not take the risk? If it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped then that’s life. You can fix the problem, but you can’t erase the feeling of wishing you had taken a chance.

So take a risk, it might just be the best thing you ever do!

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  • Lottie things

    This post is just what I needed. I am someone who likes to stay comfortable, but I want more from life now! Risk taking it is then, I need to start following my dreams and stop worrying!


    Charlotte xx

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Lovely post! Agree with every statement!


  • Zoe Mountford

    this was a really motivating post, totally agree x

    Zoe Mountford x

  • Jen Cristalli

    Nothing is so bad that it cannot be fixed. That is so lovely!! <3

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post

  • dreamofadventures

    about to take a big risk and life changing path. this is motivating me more towards my decision! thank you for the post =o)


  • Monika

    I don’t know why and how, but this article inspired me! Taking risks is really exciting :)


  • Meow HK

    This is such a motivating post.. got me thinking of all the risks i want to take! https://mshksite.wordpress.com/

  • Yasmin

    Inspiring words!

  • Kate (Petite Adventures)

    Really great and inspiring read! Exactly what I needed this morning, thanks!

    Kate x http://www.petiteadventures.org/

  • Vívia Alencar

    I was feeling very hopeless this morning, but now I’m so much better! Thank you!

  • Simona

    These are the kind of words I really needed to read, today! Thank you.

    > https://alwayslistentotheart.blogspot.com

  • lifestyleandso

    lovely post!thank you for sharing


  • Joe Anne Tono

    this is an amazing post. just what I need.


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