Why We Need To Talk About Gigi Hadid’s Assault


You probably already heard about what happened to Gigi Hadid in Milan last week. While posing for selfies with fans she was grabbed and lifted off the ground by a stranger. Gigi acted fast, elbowing the guy in the face and getting herself free. But the responses to this moment, which was caught on camera, were varied.

Some said that being in the limelight opens you up to this kind of thing, and she shouldn’t have reacted so violently. Some newspapers called it ‘model behavior’ and blamed her for overreacting.

Lifting someone you don’t know off the ground is an attack. Although people were saying there’s nothing threatening about picking someone up, you need to remember that Gigi didn’t know his intentions. Gigi did what every woman should and defended herself, but the narrative was twisted against her. They called the man in question a ‘fan’, and reported on the incident like Gigi was in the wrong.

The man who picked her up, Vitalii Sediuk, released a statement trying to underplay the whole ordeal as some kind of statement about the fashion industry. 

“While I consider Gigi Hadid beautiful, she and her friend Kendall Jenner have nothing to do with high fashion. By doing this, I encourage the fashion industry to put true talents on the runway and Vogue covers instead of well-connected cute girls from Instagram. You can call it a manifest or a protest. This is also a wake-up call for Anna Wintour, who turned Vogue into a tabloid by putting Kardashians and other similar celebrities on a cover of a well respected magazine.”

Meanwhile, a whole host of fans and celebrities took to Twitter to support Gigi. You go, girl! It’s important that women have the right to defend themselves. 

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  1. I totally think this was warranted. If I stranger picked me up suddenly I hope that I would react just as quickly.

    Yes, she’s in the limelight and weird stuff is bound to happen, but that’s no excuse for the guy to think it’s acceptable to pick her up. People think that because celebrities are so accessible these days with social media that social norms don’t apply to them and that they don’t deserve any personal space. It’s totally crazy.

    Sweet Horizon

  2. “There’s nothing threatening about picking someone up…”, till it turns into kidnap. It’s a stranger for crying out loud.
    Her reflexes kicked in.
    But I was also thinking, what if it was someone she knew and the person was just messing around.
    The video didn’t look like she saw him before she elbowed him.
    Oh well, bottom line is don’t mess around with people then

  3. Totally tweeting this riiight now. This guy had a problem with Gigi Hadid? There were a million other ways to bring attention to his issue without assaulting her. It’s our fault if we let a guy get too close to assault us, but if we fight back we’re overreacting. It’s getting old.


  4. Good for her for reacting so quickly! Whether someone is in the spotlight or not, that doesn’t give anyone the excuse to grab them. That’s never okay and she absolutely did the right thing!

  5. Wow! I missed that, but feel so happy that CGD keeps me up to date! Gigi’s reaction is glorious! I would have probably screamed my heart out and ran away scared, and she almost started running after him. Truly admire her courage!

    This so-called prankster is a total prick trying to become famous off annoying well-known people. I hope he finally learns the lesson.

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