Need to Organize Your Wardrobe? There’s an App for That.

Now that the weather is (hopefully) about to get warmer around the globe, traveling will be on the mind and that means trying to fit everything you want and need into a couple of bags. One thing I have always struggled with is packing! I am a horrible over-packer. Even if I make a list of the outfits I want to wear during a trip, I always end up stashing something in the deep, dark corners of my a trip, I always end up stashing something in the deep, dark corners of my suitcase, just in case I’m in the mood to wear it, too. This means two things: I spend my time lugging around unneeded weight; and I don’t have room to bring back the goodies and souvenirs I will inevitably want to buy. Well recently, I met this new app. It’s called ClosetSpace and it’s a game changer…

Clueless-minimages from the coveteur

It’s part Pinterest (where you can search for and save your favorite wardrobe items), but more than anything, it resembles Cher’s famous outfit simulator in Clueless that helps her find something fabulous to wear to school everyday. While you can save items for a wish list and gain inspiration from other users, the best feature is being able to upload photos of the things you already own and eventually assemble them into specific outfits for fun or future use. You can even upload photos of beauty inspiration if you want to sport a bold red lip with that LBD and heels.

closet space app

screen-grabs from my ClosetSpace profile

I have gone on two trips since finding and using this app and so far, my rampant over-packing seems to have been remedied. Now I have a complete visual inventory of my entire wardrobe and being able to assemble and play around with the outfits helps me make more concrete decisions about what to wear when traveling. I’ve even started using it on a regular basis when I know my upcoming mornings are going to be hectic.

Check out the ClosetSpace app (designed by Stylitics, Inc. for iPhones and Android) to save time and stress when it comes to mixing and matching the items you love to wear and let us know what you think!

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  1. Omg I am so happy right now! I’ve always wanted something that resembled Cher’s electronic device that helped her pick out outfits. And Clueless is one of my favorite movies. I am getting this app.

  2. I’m loving the sound of this app! I loved the one in Clueless! Will go ad check it out!


  3. This is just what I’ve been looking for, thank you soo much! Gonna try it right away

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