You Need To Try This Crazy Trick To Stay Positive In The Mornings



Morning routines can be a little humdrum, well for me anyway! Cue frantically trying to snooze the alarm on my iPhone in a confused, sleepy-eyed state. I really should invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock that I can just launch across the room – I certainly wouldn’t want to do that with my phone.

Eat breakfast – check, watch the news – check, read my emails- check. But what if you could have a dance party added to your dull daily routine? Yes, you heard me correctly! Sounds pretty awesome right?

We are pretty obsessed with the morning routines of our favorite women. Anna Wintour’s morning tennis seems a bit out of our reach but is so inspiring to see how she stay balanced and successful.


So when we saw this video of the Queen of TV Shonda Rhimes explaining her morning routine, we were pleasantly surprised.

Shonda tries to sleep as late as possible, but that ends up being 5am. Which is an early start for sure! She starts her morning with a coffee (our kinda girl) checks her emails and reads the news. So far so good, we are on the same wavelength here.

Once her kids are gone and the house is quiet she starts to answer her emails. What’s shocking is that she gets about 2,500 emails a day – and I thought my inbox was messy. So starting the day addressing those emails is a great way to get ahead of all those tasks that pile up.

But it’s what Shonda does to leave the house in a good mood that really had us cheering.

How do you make sure you leave the house stress-free and happy in the morning?
Do you watch the TV? Sing in the shower? Watch a TED talk? Meditate? Sometimes, no matter what you do, if you’ve gotten out of bed on the wrong side you can’t change it. Shonda’s answer? Having a Beyoncé dance party.

She cranks up the tunes and has a little dance before she leaves the house. Which is amazing!

I was thinking that I totally need this in my life right now, imagine how invigorated and positive you would feel before stepping foot out of the house.

Some people like to go for a morning run to achieve the same benefits, but I really hate running. Also, have you ever tried to go for a jog in a city? It doesn’t really work out unless you head to a big park.

If you hate running as much as me, then why not join me and Shonda and throw some shapes around your living room to your favorite tunes before you head out the door? Here’s our favorite Beyoncé song to dance around our room to like idiots. Try it, see if it changes your mood..

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  • Bee

    I love dancing in the morning! So fun to hear that others do this, too.


  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post

  • Dorothy

    My kind of morning dance involves running after the bus in an awkward way – does this count?

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