Why We All Need Victoria Beckham’s Five Minute Makeup Routine


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Former pop princess, fashion mogul, wife and a doting mum of four, Victoria Beckham, proves to us that we can finally believe ourselves when we say we’re going to (potentially – If you’ve already styled your hair and gotten dressed) be ready in five minutes!

Mrs. Beckham will show you a trick or two in this short video about mastering a morning face in five; as well as doing a little promo for her much-anticipated launch for her collab collection with Estée Lauder.

The Popstar turned fashion designer said she is thrilled to be launching this limited edition makeup collection with the luxury brand which is set to be released in September.

Victoria Beckham’s passion for beauty actually stems all the way back from when she was a little girl when a friend of her mother gave her a collection of empty fragrance bottles.

She has also been hoarding the makeup she has loved since the age of eighteen in small plastic boxes. “Tiny, tiny little worn-down samples, and little eye shadows I’d mixed myself,” she told Vogue.

She added: “I want to make it really, really easy to get this look.

If I can do it as a busy working mom with four children, anybody can. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist. This doesn’t have to take up huge amounts of time.”

The 42-year-old entrepreneur described the whole process as eye-opening – from going back and revisiting the Estée Lauder archives, through to working on the product with the Estée team.

She added that it feels like the perfect makeup partnership for her and her brand: “I had long admired Estée Lauder the woman, and the powerful brand that she created, so I am excited to offer both of our customers this makeup range and play a small part in her vision for women.”

Beckham has assembled groupings of up to eight products representing the four cities, which can easily fit in a limited-edition box with “professional makeup lighting” inside it, so busy Career Girls on the move can do their makeup in even the trickiest conditions!

I’m certainly not a globe trotter like Victoria, but having a makeup box which also has some professional lighting inbuilt sounds like a savior during the dark mornings in the winter months. My bedroom lighting simply does not cut it. I end up doing all my foundation and blusher then get a shock when I check my reflection in the bathroom mirror at work. Not pretty. But I digress….

She told Vogue when she was in her second home, LA, she wore less makeup as she felt strong, youthful and fresh with the SoCal vibe, so she reflects this in some of her new products.

London, meanwhile, she described as “a bit edgy, a little bit rock-’n’-roll, a little sweaty,” while trendy New York – the birthplace of the brand – is all about statement color.

Paris, quite simply, is “fashion,” she says, “the sophisticated style on the street” – which translates into a vivid crimson lip, and a feline flick of car-paint green.”

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