You Need To Watch Emma Watson’s Latest Speech

Emma Watson is a champion of equality. We’re so excited to see her in Beauty & The Beast next year, but for now, she’s proving one again that she’s the coolest Career Girl we know.

During her latest visit to the U.N headquarter in New York, Emma gave a speech that focused solely on two issues many women know all too well. Campus assault and inequality in the university system.

Emma talked about her own experiences at Brown University. She questioned whether other universities empower women the way hers did. “What if our experience in university shows us that women don’t belong in leadership? What if it shows us that, yes, women can study, but they shouldn’t lead a seminar?” she said. “What if, as is the case in far too many universities, we are given the message the sexual violence isn’t  actually a form of violence?”

“The university experience must make it clear that the safety of women, minorities, and anyone who may be vulnerable, is a right and not a privilege,” She said. “A right that will be respected by a community that supports and respects survivors, and recognizes that when one person’s safety is violated, the safety of everyone should feel violated.”

Watch the speech below:

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  • mediamarmalade

    Another incredible and inspiring talk

    Mel x

  • Caitlin

    Such a great speech! I’m so glad seeing someone speaking out about issues that are so important and, more often than not, swept under the table!

  • Camille Beygui

    Amazing speech

  • Josie Brownlee

    God she’s amazing! So inspiring and beautifully said, she is making a huge difference to our lives and I continue to be inspired and encouraged by her incredible integrity and beliefs! Thanks Emma!



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