Netflix documentaries every career girl should watch

Sometimes you just want to curl up and watch real life unfolding before you, a good documentary can change your perspective entirely and is more refreshing than a TV show. Netflix is a great resource for movies and TV shows but it’s also a good place to find fascinating documentaries, here’s our roundup of the best.

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#1 Best of TEDx TED talks
Did you know that a ticket to TED talks can cost thousands? Why fork out the money when you can watch the best of these uplifting talks that truly adhere to the mantra of “ideas worth spreading.”
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#2 Chasing Beauty
Chasing Beauty explores the psychological effects of the beauty business on young women and men. Behind VOGUE and editorials, this film examines the demanding and unrealistic physical requirements of becoming a top model.
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#3 Happy
Happy is the perfect uplifting documentary for anyone feeling a little under the weather. From the slums of Kolkata to the boulevards of Hollywood, this documentary searches for what really makes people happy and some of the science behind it.
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#4 Miss Representation
Miss Representation examines the under-representation of powerful women in America and challenges the fact that young girls cannot find appropriate role models.
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#5 The September Issue
The September Issue goes behind the scenes at Vogue and details Anna Wintour’s preparations for the 2007 issue. At the time it was Vogue’s biggest issue join Wintour and her stylish and talented team in an access all areas glimpse into the life of the most fashionable magazine around.
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#6 Smash His Camera
Smash His Camera is a controversial documentary about legendary paparazzo Ron Galella. Marlon Brando broke his jaw and Jackie Kennedy sued him multiple times, the story of Ron Galella brings up issues of privacy, freedom and celebrity worship while examining the fascinating life of someone who makes money taking pictures of famous people.
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#7 Stories We Tell
Stories We Tell is a documentary directed and written by Sarah Polley about her family life, it investigates the stories we tell and the narratives we trust while picking apart her own upbringing and dealing with the revelations of her past.
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  • Clare

    May have to check these out!

    Clare |

  • Stephanie

    I have the DVD of the September Issue, but haven’t got around to watch it yet. Thank you for the reminder! :)


  • Helena

    Now I really want to watch The September Issue! Thank you for this post.

  • Liz

    These are really good! Watched most of them!
    Others to watch:
    The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (about marketing)
    Sicko (by Michael Moore, on the US healthcare system)
    Terms and Conditions May Apply (about how we use the internet and what happens to our data: SCARY!!)

    • Beth

      Good suggestions Liz! I’ve seen Sicko it’s fascinating, the way the US healthcare system works blows my mind haha x

      • Charolina

        I found Sicko very interesting too!
        I watched very good documentaries in Netflix, is very nice!
        Last one I watched is “Food Matters” very interesting, got me thinking…

  • Amy

    I will check these out! Particularly interested in Happy :)

  • BethShereyf

    The September Issue is so boring. Seeing the behind the scenes was great, but getting there put me to sleep. A few months ago I saw Mademoiselle C on Netflix and that was good.

    • Beth

      Oh, that’s disappointing. I did hear that it was a bit slow to start although it had the potential of being something super interesting. x

  • Lovely Sharice

    Thanks for this post. #2 sounds interesting. I used to model in the past and it was a lot of pressure so I wouldn’t mind seeing what the documentary is about.

    Love Yourself First


    as an old guy, just want to remind that documentaries, though informative and interesting, typically have an agenda and a bias. just don’t take every statement, idea as being factual and the complete truth. use your brain to investigate anything you are getting ready to do based on what they tell you. enjoy but keep an open mind.

  • Beth

    Of course! I completely agree, watch everything with an open mind! :)

  • Jennifer

    I will share this on my blog’s fb page. So fun!

  • Elvira

    Thanks for the ressources, I am diving into netflix right away, I need to watch some stories and documentaries like this ones in order to learn from them and help ameliorate myself.
    Im definitely into the september issue RIGHT NOW! Maybe I will come back and give feedback :)

  • Leigh

    I love watching documentaries on Netflix, so I am definitely going to add some of your suggestions to my to watch list. Thanks Leigh

  • Jessica

    Great list – I’m sharing these with my Perfectly Posh Team!!

  • Jenn M. MakeupMyMind

    Great recommendations! So happy to see Miss Representation on there!

  • Anna

    I want to recommend black fish and forks over knives :)