The Netflix Essentials You Need To Watch This Christmas Eve



It’s Christmas Eve and the moment we’ve all built up to is finally, nearly here. Everything is set and now you can finally sit down, relax and snuggle up with something that will really set the mood. And I don’t know about you, but my tradition is to always cuddle up in front of the TV with my loved ones and watch something festive. So, light the scented candles, turn the lights down, grab yourself a hot chocolate and lose yourself in these Netflix essentials for Christmas Eve that are magical:


Love Actually

You cannot have a Christmas without watching Love Actually. It is the perfect, British heart-warming Christmas movie that warms our hearts year after year. It’s funny, it’s real and conveys the real importance and true meaning of Christmas; family. It will show you how we’re all connected and not too different after all!


Christmas Inheritance:

Just as cheesy as The Christmas Prince this new Netflix drop will be our new holiday film obsession. Watch as an heiress who is about to inherit her dad’s company gets left stranded in a small town, where she learns the true value of Christmas!


The Grinch:

It’s everyone’s favorite and there’s a good reason why. It’s hilarious and a holiday must-watch. We can’t go a Christmas without it gracing our screens at least once. Watch as Dr. Seuss’ Grinch Who Still Christmas does indeed steal Christmas, but will he have a change of heart? Of course!


The Santa Claus:

They were my favorite growing up and I love watching them from the beginning over the Christmas holidays. It’s the perfect Christmas movie and one that the whole family can enjoy! Watch as Tim Allen gets thrown into a job he didn’t expect to have!


The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Jack Skellington is tired of his usual frightening people in Halloweentown. So he stumbles upon Christmastown, which is all about bright colors and warm, happy spirits. And a plot forms in his mind. He will kidnap Santa and take his place. So, if you like your Christmas to be a little darker and creepy, then this is the one to watch (plus it’s a classic)!


The Holiday:

One of my absolute favorites movies! I watch it numerous times through the year and now it’s Christmas I watch it a few more! Cameron Diaz is my favorite and you can’t go wrong with Jude Law. It’s a heartwarming comedy that’s perfect for the holidays! Watch as two women, one American, one British who swap homes for the holiday after they both have bad breakups with their boyfriends! Will they find romance on the opposite side of the glove?


A Christmas Prince:

Most likely you’ve already watched it, and if now it’s Christmas Eve there’s no shame in watching it again. Nothing can be as bad as the girl that watched it fifty-four times! Snuggle up and watch this journalist fall in love with a Prince!


Which one will you watch? Let us know in the comments section below



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