Netflix TV Shows To Watch On A Lazy Sunday

Netflix is the TV addicts equivalent to the makeup addicts naked palette, the holy grail, only a true TV lover can commit to paying a monthly fee for hours and hours worth of screen time. I don’t know if saying I’ve watched most of the shows on Netflix is something I should be proud of or something I shouldn’t be so keen to admit. Either way I like to think I can help a girl out and share my perfect shows needed to complete a lazy Sunday evening cosied up on the sofa.


#1 Pretty Little Liars

Can we all just take a moment, the brand new episode is just days away and I am beside myself with excitement! If you aren’t clued up on the latest goings on in Rosewood then this really is the perfect series to get your teeth stuck into, its addictive and mind boggling and not just a silly teen drama. Its got its dark moments but ultimately is a very easy watch, even my mum loves this, and that really is saying something.


#2 Gossip Girl

Confession, so I am now rewatching all 6 series of this absolute gem, I am obsessed all over again and I spent the majority of last night watching bloopers on Youtube because I really am that sad. It has drama and romance yet it’s refreshingly relatable, maybe not the champagne limo lifestyle but the heartache and the characters that you will grow to genuinely care for, just be warned you will experience serious withdrawal symptoms once it’s over.


#3 Making a Murderer

This brand new gripping 10 part documentary has become an internet sensation. It shares the real life story of Steven Avery, a man who was wrongly imprisoned for 18 years for  a crime he didn’t commit, who then becomes a prime suspect in a brand new murder case. It’s certainly not a light hearted watch but it is grippingly good.

#4 How to Get Away with Murder

A show about a group of law students and their criminal defence professor, despite being deemed unrealistic and not at all a good representation of law schools it is still a brilliantly funny, gripping and surprisingly enjoyable watch. This show is full of interesting characters with a fascinating plot making it all the more intriguing to watch and of course Viola Davis is just brilliant.

#5 Orphan Black

A somewhat chilling drama yet incredibly gripping, a woman witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks exactly like her so she takes up her identity and hopes her huge savings account will help her out of her own financial mess. She soon realises it is not a coincidence, and ends up in a fight for her life!


#6 Jessica Jones

Jessica is an average girl, except for her superhuman strength and the fact that for a long time she lived with a man who could control her mind, but once he died she decided to try to put the pieces back together and carry on as normal. Things aren’t what they seem though, the brilliantly evil Kilgrave (played by the brilliant David Tennant) wasn’t dead after all, and he’s coming for her. Dramatic, heart-stopping and amazingly acted, this is an incredible show.

So that concludes my list of what I’m currently loving but I am always on the lookout for more, any Netflix recommendations? Please do share!

  1. I have to agree with the list! I love making a murderer and how to get away with murder! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gossip Girl is the best tv show EVER! I loved it so much! Reall good list! kisses:D

  3. Some really good choice on this list. I am very fond of the first 2 :) As for a really good show on Netflix…nothing seems to come to mind – Daredevil is interesting – the fighting scenes are incredible compared to the ones from the movie with the same name. The sequences just argh :)

  4. I really need to finish PLL – I know what I will be doing this weekend.

    T x

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