How To Network With Co-Workers On Your First Day

It’s your first day in the office, or maybe it’s your first day with a new team, maybe you’re excited, maybe you’re scared but one thing’s true, you have to talk to the people you work with. You want your team to value you, and you want to bond with your co-workers while you do your work.

It’s always awkward to know how to approach your new colleagues, so here’s how to network with co-workers on your first day!

#1 Start by saying yes
No matter how boring the task appears. Even if it’s collecting coffee for your co-workers, say yes. Even better say yes with a smile on your face, even if you think they’re taking advantage of you since it’s your first day. Portray yourself as keen and willing, it will impress no end.

‘Take risks’

#2 Be proactive.
Use your time wisely. Take risks. Speak to senior figures; don’t be afraid to offer to help. Bosses always like to see those who are willing to go the extra mile. Keep it up during your employment and you’ll be everybody’s favourite.

#3 Attend every event.
Getting your face out there is the key to networking success. Attend all meetings, presentations and after work events. Even if you are exhausted after a long day it will be worth it. By failing to attend after work drinks, you may be missing out on a possible team bonding session.

‘Give each task 100%’

#4 Ask questions
Your first day is mostly catching up, learning systems and boring tasks. It’s important to not let this affect your productivity. Give each task 100%, but find opportunities to ask your co-workers questions, how do they get stuff done so quickly? Have they found any tips and tricks to make things go smoother? It might not be advisable to ask them while they’re sitting under piles of papers, but it could be a good lunchtime conversation to have if you’ve exhausted small talk.


By Catherine Murphy


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  1. I like the advice of saying yes. It’s so important to set the tone for a new job early, and being seen as helpful is a great place to start.

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