How To Network At An Event You Didn’t Attend

Never underestimate the value of a networking event – that’s one of the first piece of advice I was given in the industry. Still there may be times when you will not be able to attend. Whenever you have your reasons, I have some tips for you on how you can catch up after a networking event you couldn’t attend.

#1 Have a spy at the event.

Whether it’s just someone from the office or your best friend, if you have someone at the event who can tell you what happened, that might be the perfect way to find out some news.

#2 Follow the event on social media.

Check out whether the event itself has accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook in order to get all the news straight to your cell phone if you’re unable to attend yourself.

#3 Follow relevant people on social media.

If you don’t have a spy at the event, you might find a possible spy on social media: Think about what kind of people might attend and check their social media pages.

#4 Listen to office talk.

If your coworkers attended, you may not want to be forced to tell everyone why you couldn’t attend, but while you might not want to ask around, you’re better off listening well to what people in your office are talking about.

#5 Know the event’s schedule.

Even if you’re unable to attend, know the event’s schedule and know what the event is about. If someone asks you, you don’t want to make the impression that you didn’t want to attend.

#6 Catch up with older contacts.

A networking event you couldn’t attend might also be an opportunity to catch up with older contacts. While you might be given the impression that this one event is what everyone is talking about, I’m sure that there are thousand other things just as important right now.

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