Why Do We Never Have Enough Time?

How many times in your life have you uttered the phrase “I just don’t have the time”? A few hundred maybe? As technology is continuously created and developed to save us all time, we seem to have less of it than we did a few years ago.

At work we are wishing we had more time to focus on particular projects or to lengthen deadlines; outside of work most of us have various hobbies, commitments and social activities to keep up with – we haven’t even touched upon general life admin yet and it’s starting to turn into a really long list that never seems to end.

Here are a few ways for you to either save time or use it more efficiently so that you have more time for the things that you enjoy!

To multi task or not to multi task?

This might seem like an obvious point – but hear me out. Stop multitasking; focus on your top priority and only focus on that until you have completed it. 

Multitasking not only wastes time but leads to poorer work as a result, as your brain doesn’t actually process both tasks at once but flits between the two causality to work harder. Instead, make a priority list and stick to each point until it’s been completed. If you have to check your emails regularly, only do this between points, and watch your productivity sky rocket!

Get rid of not-so-annoying habits

All of us have habits that we know we should try and shake, but what about the harmless ones we don’t really consider? All of us have a general routine that we follow in our daily lives and there are some things we know we could stop doing – like watching the extra episode of The Apprentice.

However, there are lots of habits we have that aren’t bad, but they can be altered to save time. For example, if you cook tea most nights, you could make a couple of batch meals at the weekend, freeze them up, then use them over the next couple of weeks. Microwaving your home cooked food could free up an hour of time in the evening that you can spend as you choose!

Organise your life

This one is pretty obvious – being organised saves time. Unfortunately, this is something that either comes naturally to you or not! However, if you do fall into the latter category, there are ways to make it easier for yourself.

Everyone has different ways of organising themselves. You could keep a diary or journal – shop around for something that suits your lifestyle. There are plenty of apps that you can use to be more organised, or even just using the ‘reminder’ function (repeatedly!) can make sure you don’t forget your dentist appointment or that you do really need to buy milk.

Ask for help

It can be so easy to think that if we don’t ask for help, it means we’re strong, independent and in control – and therefore successful. But if you’re stressed out with a time-consuming task and a friend or family member can help you with it, why not ask?

You would (probably!) do the same for them, so don’t feel like you need to tackle everything on your own. Get a few other people involved and save yourself a lot of time and worry.

Streamline your life

Take a look at what you really must do in your daily routine and cut out the rest that really isn’t necessary. Do you actually need to iron all of those clothes, or could you tackle a third of them and hang the rest up?

If your morning routine feels like an effort, make sure your clothes are ready the night before and your bag an lunch are pre-packed. Even sussing out a few time-saving hairstyles could save you 15 minutes here and there – it all adds up!

Kill two birds with one stone

This isn’t really multi tasking although you are looking to do two things at once. For example, most of us don’t get enough exercise in our lives and the main excuse is not having the time.

You could walk/bike to work or set a timer for doing the housework – hoovering weirdly feels like a mini workout if you have to do the whole house in 10 minutes!

Say ‘no’ more often

Easier said than done, right? Perhaps have a quota of ‘yes’s per week that you can go over, or give a half yes, e.g. if you’ve been invited to after work drinks, say yes to going for the first hour.

You can still have a good time, but it won’t take up your whole evening. There is always a compromise – just make sure you stick to it!

“What to do with all of this spare time?” I hear you cry! Treat yourself to a cozy evening in, get absorbed in a new tv series or throw a party! The world is your oyster.

By Genieve Crump

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  • Lucy Van Dean

    Love this post! Time is never enough and always a reminder of top tips on saving time and being more efficient is great!

    Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

  • Sugar Tea

    I am always struggling with time. This post was super helpful! Thank you

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post



  • alionablog

    Very nice. Would love it if you could check out my latest Autumn goals post!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  • Dinel

    It feels like managing time is easier said than done haha I also prefer not to multitask but to make a list (of everything so I don’t forget!) and then prioritize and assign time frames. And also between activities that need my whole attention, I set things that could be done watching a video or listening to music, so there is a balance. Thank you for sharing!

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