How To Never Forget A Name Again

How often have you found yourself at a party or work event and can’t recall the name of the person you are speaking with? This is a common problem and can be very embarrassing especially when someone else comes over and asks to be introduced! Here are our top four tips to ensure you never forget a name again.

#1 Focus and listen

This is crucial. It’s so easy to be distracted and not to listen properly. Perhaps you are thinking about something else. Try to stay in the present. Active listening is key to remembering names.

#2 Repeat the name immediately

Repetition is a great tool for assisting with name recall. So if a person introduces themselves, repeat their name back to them and say, “Hi Sarah, my name is Catherine.” It also makes you appear polite and well mannered.

#3 Name association

This is a great trick I use and find it highly effective. Whenever someone introduces themselves think of a person you know with the same/similar name. It may be an old school friend, a celebrity or even your first pet! I promise you won’t forget their name in a hurry.

#4 Use their name throughout the conversation

Not only is this polite, but it will help their name stick in your mind. Using it regularly but not going overboard, will ensure you aren’t left in any awkward situations!

For career girls who are constantly networking and socialising, meeting new people comes  with the territory. It’s super impressive when you can recall names. I guarantee these tricks will help you no end!


By Catherine Murphy

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome tips ! I’m so bad with names


  • Arianna

    I try everything, but nothing works =) Thank you so much for some new tips: I really hope that these will finally help me!!

    • Ahh, I hope they will work for you Arianna! :)

  • Krystal – The Daily Femme

    Great tips – I always try to repeat their name straight away, especially when I am on the phone, that seems to be the time I forget the easiest.

  • Caroline Schurman-Grenier

    Love these tips! I hate it when I forget the person’s name….so awkward.

  • shannon binnicker

    Love these tips! I am horrible with names.

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