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3 Reasons To Start Working Out NOW: The Career Girl 30-Day Fitness Challenge


Get your sneakers on!

We, the CGD Dream Team, would like to challenge YOU to become healthier than ever! Working out is part of the Career Girl lifestyle, and if it isn’t for you, don’t worry because this is your chance to start!

Why start working out you’re asking? Well, we give you 3 reasons why:

Girls Working Out

Girls Working Out

#1 – It makes you happy

It really does! We all know the feeling you get after a workout, it is awesome. You might not want to go beforehand, but when you eventually get yourself out of bed and into the gym, it is one of the best feelings ever. You know you are busy with a healthier you, you will feel better when you reach your goals and your body will thank you for the healthy lifestyle.

#2 – It makes your life easier

Working out increases you capabilities. Being stronger, leaner and healthier will lead to a more manageable life.

#3 – Working out helps you to win in life

That is what we all want in the end, right? Setting and reaching goals inside the gym, will help you to set and reach goals outside the gym. It goes hand-in-hand and shows the discipline you have got throughout life. It is a mentality that will be present in every aspect of your life.

Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s get healthy!

So, are you up for the ”Career Girl 30-Day Fitness and Health Challenge”?

challenge2 (1)

Are you up for a challenge and want to become part of the worldwide #CareerGirlChallenge? Join our event on Facebook and share your story with Career Girls from all over the world.

Don’t forget to invite all your friends for this event! #CareerGirlChallenge


  1. Kerstin says

    Oh that sounds great – will definitely take part (in case I don’t forget^^)

    Love from Austria,


  2. Lauren says

    YAY, will definitely be giving this a try! I love a 30 day challenge

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  3. Olya says

    Oh, thank you for the iformation!
    I’m totally in:)

    Olya, x

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