Affordable Make Up From KIKO Cosmetics

What goes through your head when you buy new makeup products? The endlessly growing number of make-up brands on the market makes me want to buy new products each time I hit the high streets. During my trip to Milan this week(more about that later) I discovered an Italian brand called KIKO There’s a store in London but I never took the time to go in. In Milan, I was rather curious and decided to pay a visit. I didn’t leave the store empty-handed, though, I  fell in love with their products!

It would be easy to describe KIKO’s makeup range as “overwhelming”. There are tons of affordable make-up products: mascaras, eyeshadow, eye liners, lipsticks and the list goes on. There’s pretty much something for everyone, so I would urge a trip Regent Street online or the local one in your city. It reminds me of a MAC make-up store but cheaper.

KIKO is a leading Milano professional makeup brand that offers safe and effective high quality products for women of all ages. 

I bought a matte red lipstick, red nail polish, precise tweezers, eyebrow wax and an eyeshadow. A total bargain, as I paid less than 30 euros for a bunch of stuff!

The thing I’m most excited about is the eyebrow wax. For girls with curly hair, unfortunately, this means out of control brows. The eyebrow wax does the trick and keeps them nice in shape all day!

As a beauty addict, I love to discover new brands. Let us know, If there’s a new brand out there which is definitely worth trying!


  • marie

    I love KIKO ! you should check the one in Westfield Stratford :)
    nice post by the way

  • Vanessa

    You actually didn’t know Kiko? I thought it was quite popular :) I fell in love with the brand ever since I’ve walked in a Kiko store for the first time about two years ago. I love the quality of the products (I’ve bought quite a lot in the meantime, actually…) and what makes me love the brand even more is that it’s on the list of beauty brands that are not involved in animal testing, especially because the products are not available in China! :)

  • Kaitlin Mary

    I heard of Kiko when I studied abroad in Europe my junior year. I was devastated when I returned to America and had to live without Kiko for the next three years! But they’re slowly branching out to America! Fingers crossed they’ll be in California soon!!

    • Celina

      Fingers crossed! KIKO is amazing xx

  • Anna Kimbo

    I need to try this brand so badly! Great post. x