8 New Netflix Shows To Cozy Up With In Fall


I don’t know about you, but now that the nights are getting darker and colder I’m more than ready to jump into my fluffy PJs and hideaway under the covers until further notice. I’m trading the summer nights out for the cozy autumn nights in without any remorse – especially now that I’ve seen what Netflix is releasing this month. And trust me, when you see the lineup too you’ll be tempted to do the same! Take a look at what’s new on Netflix this month and be prepared to spend your whole month glued to the screen!

Stranger Things 2

I bet I don’t have to tell you about this one, if you’re as much of a fan as I am, you’ve been waiting for this moment since the season finale last year. But it’s nearly back and it’s a great one to kick off your Netflix binge with. Pick up where the story left off and continue to discover the mystery surrounding Will’s disappearance.

The Notebook

For any girl, I think The Notebook is her all-time romantic fave. And I had thought everyone had watched it, but apparently not! My colleague in the office hasn’t, can you believe? Now, is her chance to be amazed, and your chance, if you have watched it, to rewatch it over and over again!

Once Upon A Time Season 7

If you haven’t watched any of these seasons then now is your chance to binge-watch before you see the new season. I must admit, I never thought much of this series before I was hooked on it. I can’t help but love anything to do with fairytales, but this series has a modern twist on the takes that hasn’t been done before! If the dramatic storylines we know and love won’t tempt you, maybe the over-the-top costumes will!

Riverdale Season 2

Another title that we’re all waiting to hit our screens again is Riverdale. We were all thrown into the Cluedo teen drama of unraveling the murder of Jason Blossom and now we can continue to solve the mystery because it’s back. And it will be with us tomorrow (the 12th). But, if you haven’t watched season one yet then I highly recommend you do!


If there’s one thing I love is a new series to become obsessed with! And after watching the trailer I already know that my Dynasty obsession will almost be as big as the one I had with Gossip Girl. It was a series in the 80s but it’s been redone with a few minor changes! It follows the 1% and in particular two wealthy American families who are feuding for control of power, money, and family.


For all of you that love of a crime series then this one is going to overtake your life. It really is my guilty pleasure and knowing that the director is David Fincher (the guy who directed Fight Club) means it’s not going to be one to miss. It’s about an FBI special unit who delve into the minds of serial killers to better understand how they think! It’s here on Friday the 13th so make sure you don’t miss it!

Kingdom of Us

This one is bound to be a tear-jerker, just watching the trailer gives me goosebumps. It follows a family recovering after the suicide of their father, it follows them through their stages of grief and loss and shows how they come together to get through this. The filmmaker Lucy Cohen follows them over three years to document this roar time of their life.

The Babysitter

I’m not sure if this is going to be exactly a “horror” as it’s also described as a comedy, so don’t be prepared to be hiding under the sheets with this one. But if you’re stuck for something to watch on a Friday night then here we go! It’s all about a boy, who stays up late to his own peril and discovers that his babysitter is actually part of a Satanic cult.


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