30 Day Challenge
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New year, new body, new lifestyle!


New year, new resolutions, new diet! Every single year I promise myself: this is the year I will get my old beach body back! And by ‘old’ I mean the body I had when I was 21 (and 10kg lighter, good old times!).

But this year will be the year! I am more motivated than ever and cannot wait to change my eat pattern and start my gym routine! 2014 was an okay year for me in terms of reaching my goals (despite the fact I finished my Master and am still living in amazing London!) so I am determined to reach my goal to become healthier and to get my body toned like it used to be! They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so this 30-day challenge is the perfect way for me to change my lifestyle!

The only problem I have is: I love food, like really LOVE food! Pasta, pizza, burritos, curries, sushi I can think about my future meals for hours and living in London (which truly is restaurant paradise!!!) will not make my diet any easier.

So for this challenge I made a pact with myself! I do not want to do a diet where I am not able to enjoy food anymore! I love fruits and vegetables, so I will try to make tasty, healthy dishes, which will support my healthier lifestyle and satisfy my love for food at the same time (and of course I will share food pictures and my most delicious recipes with you guys!).

I will detox my body at least once a week and go to the gym at least 3x per week.

Inspired by health guru Rens Kroes, fitness blogger Sendi Skopljak (who lost 10kg in 8 weeks!!) and #fitgirlcode, I will change my food pattern and my gym schedule and take better care of my body (which is really necessary after the holiday period!).


No more MCD, Redbull (yes, I do love Redbull!), Kebabs, snackbarfood (google: Dutch snackbar food), chocolate, sweets or other unhealthy stuff! Bye big part of my dining out life (probably the hardest part for me, as I do love dining out veryveryvery much!) and Hello gym life and food preparations on Sunday!

I want to feel better in my own skin and I truly believe that a healthy lifestyle will have a positive affect on my work life, motivation and therefor: my career!

You can follow my health journey on careergirldaily.com and my daily meals of course on our Social Media platforms!

If you have any good recipe or gym/healthy lifestyle tips, please do let me know! Would love to hear your experiences, tips and tricks!






P.S. If you have any suggestion for nice and healthy restaurants in London, please let me know!!






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  1. Burton says

    Eye opening post, it is great to finally find creative info amongst the dross, I am pleasently suprised to come across a blog that is not full of the normal drivel, thank you.

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