The Night-Time Routine That Changed My Life



Making sure I get my butt to bed early has never been easy for me.

Is it the same for you? Does the struggle of one more episode, or one more chapter keep you awake too?

Because my excuse had always been that because I get in from work late, there’s barely enough time to relax let alone be in bed by ten!

But going to bed late and waking up early certainly does not go hand in hand! So, this meant I needed to get myself into a routine, fast.

So, I stopped with the “one more episode” nonsense and lounging around and instead created a night time routine that worked and made sure I was in bed by ten!

Want to know how you can fit it all in? 


18:30 – 19:30

Get yourself home & workout

First things first, making sure you stay on your feet and active as soon as you walk through the door is essential.

I usually get home around half six every evening. And I usually use this time to quickly refresh, talk to my housemate, get changed and prepare for my workout. Because for me, it’s much easier to squeeze in a workout in the evening.

So, my workout begins at seven on the dot! I make sure to do a workout that lasts half an hour that I repeat five nights a week – and it really makes all the difference.

I tend to switch up my workout routines daily, choosing to focus on different areas of my body throughout the day. And because I think it’s super easy to work out from home that’s exactly what I do.

I like to do short intense exercises to break it up a bit. I never do more than a ten-minute video and usually do a collective of six five minute bursts. It makes time go by quicker and helps you complete a full workout.

For this, I use the Nike App, which is basically having your own personal trainer and it’s completely free. They’re really quick and easy, and super effective. Get it here.


19.30 – 20.00

Wash away the day

If you feel like you don’t get a lot of me-time, then use this time to get in an extra half an hour.

I, for one, definitely use this time to relax and unwind after a long day! You can choose to have a bath too but make sure to add some essential bath oils to relax you.

And to take your shower to the next level look for body washes that have Ylang-Ylang in because that ingredient will really ease stress and anxiety.

And if you’re brave enough, try a cold shower because it has many great effects you never even knew possible – check out the effects here.

After that, get dry, get beautiful! Just make sure your cozy, and dressed for bed!


20.10 – 21.00

Cook your dinner and eat it at the table

I had spent a lot of money on a kitchen table that I never, ever use. For me, I cook the quickest dinner I can and rush to it in bed.

But this wasn’t working and it really wasn’t healthy. So, I decided to take half an hour out of my evening every night to prepare a simple, clean meal and eat it at the dinner table with my flatmates.

This not only helped me relax and unwind, but it made me feel more social, more involved and much healthier.

Download Oh She Glows to browse through amazing recipes in the day so you can plan your dinner ahead of time! Or check out our fav recipes here.


21.00 – 22.00

It’s all about YOU

If you feel like you don’t get enough time for yourself. Know that you’ll have this hour every night that’s solely just for you.

This hour is your hour. It’s yours to do with it what you will. If you want to work on self-improvement, do that. Or if you’d rather relax with a book or Netflix do that too. You can either wear a face mask if you like!

And you can mix this up every night of the week depending on how you feel.

You only have an hour, so make sure what you choose to do is fulfilling and will have you going to bed happy.

For me, I use this time to watch a one hour show. Once this hour is up the TV goes off and my eyes close.

Make sure to have the lights off in the room at nine! This will help trick your body into thinking it’s night time and will have you falling asleep much faster.

If you ever have trouble nodding off, then don’t bother with counting sheep, try these hacks instead!



What do you do in the evenings? What does your night time routine look like?



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