These Night Treatments Will Help You Get Better Skin While You Sleep

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photo: Estee Lauder


We all love waking up and feeling refreshed, so why not invest in your skin with a new moisturizer? At night, our skin replenishes and renews cells. In this stage, it’s really important to choose a product that sinks into your skin during your uninterrupted sleep and actually treats whatever your skin issue might be.

We’ve tried and tested countless moisturizers here at Career Girl Daily, and have finally narrowed down a list of our top favorites. So click through the gallery to find your new favorite!

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  1. I really love the Kiehls midnight recovery oil for an overnight skin pick me up/cure all

    – Natalie

  2. These all sound great! I’ve had my eye on the Estee Lauder Night Repair for a while now – love that bottle!

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

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