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Next year is your year. It’s something that’s always said, but it really is achievable next year, if you’re willing to work hard and commit to it, you’ll definitely make it happen. We’re always looking for genius ways to stay on track, so this year, we thought we’d come up with a plan for success template that you can actually follow.

We created the step-by-step GREATNESS plan to help you actually make things happen in 2018.

Step 1: Goal 

Start with your goal, this is the most important step. Set your intention, this is the ‘end goal’ that you’d love to hit. If it seems unachievable, scary, and unnecessarily huge – don’t worry, that’s normal. Anything that excites you is worth doing.

Step 2: Research 

Now it’s time to research it. What steps do you need to take to actually get there? Are there any books you can read that will help you make it happen? Gather all the resources you can and research, research, research. You’ll be more prepared and equipped to tackle your goals and become successful if you’ve researched every angle.

Step 3: Estimate 

Now it’s time to estimate a time-frame. How long do you think your huge goal is going to take you? Can you break it down into small, actionable steps? Make a list of six or seven steps to take that will get you closer to the big goal and estimate your deadline. Remember that deadlines will keep you on track for this.

Step 4: Ask

You aren’t going to be successful if you don’t ask. Ask for help when you need it, ask questions of people who have done it before. It’s a good idea to find a mentor, they don’t necessarily have to be in the same sector but they do have to be good at giving you advice. Whether it’s advice on becoming a leader or smashing interviews, you need someone to turn to who can tell it how it is.

Step 5: Track 

Now it’s time to keep track. What have you done so far, which boxes can be ticked? Tracking your progress (and occasionally rewarding yourself for it) is the only way to know how far you’ve come and how far you’ve got left to go. Make a note of your progress, tell people about it, and be proud of all the steps you’ve taken so far.

Step 6: Network 

Networking is the first step to success. Make a point to seek out interesting people to network with, from industry professionals to other people with the same goal as you, it’s important to get different perspectives and meet new people – you never know where they might lead you.

Step 7: Educate 

Educating yourself is similar to doing your research, except you’re going to be teaching yourself new skills. Try doing online courses for things that might come in handy, give yourself two or three goals and skills to learn that will help you in your journey to success, set yourself up and take some classes!

Step 8: Step up

In the last few steps, you need to know it’s time to step it up. Step up the game, don’t get comfortable, push yourself out of your comfort zone, go to interviews, meet new people, tackle tough challenges and keep a record of how you’re doing.

Step 9: Succeed

Success does not happen overnight, it’s important to remember that you might not think you’re there, but to another person’s eyes, you might have already made it! Success is a long, hard, struggle and you’re never going to believe you’re actually there. So it’s important to be doing everything for the right reasons.


What do you think of the ‘greatness’ method? 





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